Cherish the Memory of your Loved Ones & Honor Their Passing with Jewelry for Ash

Posted by Andrew S Wilson on October 27th, 2021

Uncountable deaths do happen every single day. Whether it is someone very dear to our family/friends/peer groups, or even someone who owns a special part of our life, death cannot be stopped. However, we can do something to honor their passing. The whole grieving process should be to cherish their memories without holding onto that pain. 

In order to go through this experience of trauma and heartbreaking, there is one way that Thesteelshop can offer. 

Out of many ways that will help you to keep your loved ones close is by creating personalized, beautiful Jewelry for Ashes. This kind of practice is growing every day. Even if this isn’t very feasible or practical to wear, however, with the given list underneath, you can use and show the cremation jewelry that would work well no matter the surrounding.

As cremation services are growing at a faster rate, many people go for collecting the ashes of their dear ones either in a Jewellery to Hold Ashes container or urn to display in their home or scatter it in certain places. Apart from that, many people also do consider turning those ashes into jewelry. 

Importance of cremation jewelry in this advancing era

Cremation jewelry is also called remembrance jewelry, memorial jewelry, or even funeral jewelry. This renders a personalized yet unique means to memorialize their loved ones who are no more with them. 

The jewelry can either be small bracelets with a small amount of cremated remains or any rings or pendants. 

Further, you can opt for a lock of hair, cloth piece, or even dried flowers that hold a remembrance of the bereaved. 

Now, keeping these cremation ashes isn’t easy. It requires a bit of personal connection to the person. However, with the advancement in technology, you can seek varied jewelry options that are bland. Whether the bereaved one is adult, old, male, female, with any personality, you can think of anything of cost-effective, durable pieces. 

Since our artistry staff offers their hands to create containers no matter the form or shape, you can rest assured of the style, uniqueness that remains perfect wear for display no matter the context.

Creative cremation ashes ideas

Here are some best creative Jewellery to Hold Ashes ideas you can prefer

Turn the ashes into beautiful keepsake jewelry

Light up the night

Breathing new life on the sea bed

Do work with inks, Penn down something

Plant a tree thinking about them

Turn these ashes into dazzling pieces

Turn it into music

And many more...

Finally, there are few ways you can seal a piece of cremation jewelry. You can do this by applying a tiny amount of adhesive like epoxy or glue to the jewelry. 

Now, if you are unaware of where to put the cremation ashes, you can think of a locket. Here, the necessary things that might be needed are ashes, a locket, and some glue. After that, place the glue on the inner rim of the locket. Make sure you do not glue the ashes to your hand. Finally, drape the locket on your neck. This will indeed be locked in your neck forever.

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