Advertising 101: What to Expect in The Next 5 Years?

Posted by Promodome Communications on October 27th, 2021


The future of advertising is here and before you know it, it will take over one of the significant parts of advertising- customer conversion. Read the following article to learn how an advertising agency in Delhi is preparing with all the skills and experience to adapt to this change.

In the blink of an eye, the year 2021 is about to pass, but we can’t wait to see what 2022 will unleash when it comes to advertising and technology. Sure, new changes whether in SEO, content writing, media buying, radio advertising, or pay per click will be there to amaze us but as a leading advertising agency in Delhi, it is our responsibility to keep you informed and prepared about what to come in a few years.

The future is going to be like the present but more advanced

When it comes to predicting the future, we need to consider the current circumstances and ongoing trends. We are there are known, and unknowns, yet taking everything into account, we are confident that we can predict the future of advertising agencies. It is mainly because “It is already here.”



No matter how surprising it may sound the trends that are going to take over in the future has already started to kick off. The toughest point of the entire prediction is to tell which one is going to make the greatest impact. Therefore, it is best to advise to keep an eye on ongoing trends to see what takeover whom.

Trends that will shape the tomorrow  

Here are some of the top trends that expects to dominate the top advertising agency industry in the next year or after that:

Custom advertising

Custom advertising is simply known as personalized advertising is the first guess on the list. Not long ago, companies uses to market despite knowing where their money is being spent on or is it actually reaching the audience it is a target for. Customize digital marketing agency in Delhi is the one-stop solution to this problem as it has the capability of showing the advertisement to only the target audience you would like to pursue. In 2021, where customers prefer personalization as an engaging and attractive strategy- but actively hate to expose to general ads- custom advertising can become something companies can take advantage of.

When it comes to analyzing the power of personalized advertising, it is difficult to overlook Netflix, Amazon, and Swiggy, with their tailor’s messages and recommendations.

Video advertising

Video marketing is the second most important trend that is going nowhere for the next 5 to 10 years. These traits indicate the significance of including video advertising in your next marketing strategy. And for video marketing, you always need a good agency for videography in India. According to the new findings:

  • 80% of customers say that they prefer video messages over text messages.
  • 56% of consumers believe watching a feature highlighting video makes them more confident in their purchasing.
  • 60% of consumers visit the website after coming across the new product video

When concluded, it is safe to say that video advertising is one of the most engaging ways customers want to learn about a product or service. And if we are referring to the term “video” doesn’t mean that it has to be YouTube only. There are enough ways to drive more traffic and engagement as you create and post videos on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. No doubt, an radio advertising agency in Delhi is associating video creation with marketing strategies.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is another ongoing trend that expects to capture the advertising industry in upcoming years. In most simple words, programmatic advertising refers to advertising using AI to automate so, you can target your specific audience. Compared to traditional advertising, the programmatic one is much faster, and efficient which means a higher conversion rate and lower acquisition cost.

Slowly but steadily, it is changing the face of modern-day advertising and according to marketers, around 70% of ads will be programmatic by 2022.

Social messaging apps

Do you also think social media apps like WhatsApp are only for sending emojis to your friends? Or do they have a greater purpose? Let’s get you through quick stats:

  • 10 billion messages are sent between Facebook friends
  • WhatsApp users on average send 55 billion messages
  • WeChat is another social media app with 1.25 billion active users

These statistics show the popularity of social media apps and as billions of people are spending their time on these social media apps, it makes sense to market your business there. Social messaging apps can use to send personalized messages to target customers, as they allow to add more value to the user experience. Nowadays, many media buying agency is adding social messaging apps in their marketing strategy to engage, attract, and convert target audiences.

Where are we?

As these trends have started to kick off, we can consume that we have enters into the initial stage, which will eventually grow with time. 2022 is looking bright- make sure you visit Promodome to take advantage of all these trends before they take over the market.  For more information, visit the website today!

Colors and Branding agency

Can you imagine the famous McDonald’s logo in your head? Is it yellow and red? Tasty, right? Now imagine the same logo with black and blue, did you get the same feeling of hunger? Most probably not. This is because color psychology is doing its job.

Every color entices some emotions in people and this thing is well used in the marketing field.

It was found that the consumers are most likely to make a decision of buying the product within 90 seconds of viewing in which 62–90% of decisions are solely basis on the colors.

Since colors play a huge role in branding, the color scheme of your brand becomes much more significant than its visual appeal.

For instance, the color Blue induces the feeling of security and responsibility, thus most of the banks use Blue for their logos to gain the trust of people. Likewise, red emerges the feeling of hunger and yellow denotes persuasion. Thus, most of the FMCG chains play around with these colors.

Different colors, different emotions. Needless to say, the perceptions and emotions will vary from person to person considering his/her demographics, preferences, and choices.

But there are some general and widely notions that revolve around certain colors and hence, they are used accordingly in the branding agency arena and radio advertising agency in Delhi Let’s take a look.

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