Overall Best external WiFi booster for 2021

Posted by myerseng on October 29th, 2021

According to a recent study done by Statista, it is estimated that the internet usage penetration in the United States is at 85.5%. The research was conducted in 2020 and the percentage translates to 313 million internet users and 274 million users using mobile phones to access the internet. The main medium used to connect to the internet is the WiFi connection. Most people rely on a WiFi antenna booster to improve signal reception at work, in public, or at home.  

It is because of this reason that we are dedicated to supplying the best WiFi antenna booster and external WiFi booster for your daily communication needs. We are a company that is based in the United States so you can be assured that we understand your needs.  

We manufacture almost every type of WiFi antenna booster. We also cater to customers who might want custom-made products. This will, however, require you to get in touch with us so we can be able to adequately help you. Our products are designed to cater to your communication, entertainment, and information needs.    

The external WiFi booster comes in different shapes and sizes. There are single band antennas, which can either be broadcast at 2GHz frequencies or 5 GHz frequencies. There are also dual-band antennas, which broadcast both 2GHz frequencies. Most clients prefer the 5GHz antennas for point-to-point connection and they are ideal for outdoor use. The 2GHz antennas are mostly preferred for indoor use because most devices like phones, tablets, and phones are only compatible with the broadcasting frequency.  

An external WiFi booster can also be directional or omnidirectional. Directional antennas require a clear line of sight for stable signal reception. The transmitter and the receiver antennas have to be directly pointed to each other for there to be a strong connection and to maintain a high transition speed. The antennas also have a high gain to make sure that your signal is broadcasted at optimum capacity as per the Federal Communication Commission rules. Omnidirectional antennas can broadcast WiFi signals at a 360 degrees angle. This means it can broadcast in any direction as long as you are within the broadcasting radius. 

Our products are built with industry standards and we can guarantee they are durable. We also make sure our firmware is encrypted with the latest security features to ensure that your communication is secure from hackers. You can get in touch with us with any queries and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.


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