3 Obvious Signals to Indicate the Need for Garage Door Opener Replacement

Posted by Secure for Sure on October 30th, 2021

Being responsible homeowners, most of you know that you need to check the garage doors on and often to verify the functionality. The garage door openers have added to the convenience of operating this heavy door, and sometimes, you forget to take care of these structures. It is essential to know when the garage door opener replacement is necessary.

Most of you will call the professionals to upgrade or replace the door opener. But how will you know that it is time to call the professionals? There must be a set of common symptoms like your health condition when you are suffering from some disease. You will prefer to know the signs to save further complications.

Detect the right time for garage door opener replacement

Here are the 5 symptoms that indicate the need for a replacement soon or an upgrade to make it better.

1. The door opener is not opening or closing

Undoubtedly, the above sign is the most obvious signal to prompt that the garage door opener is not working accurately as it should under normal conditions.

• Before calling the professionals, check whether an object is blocking the track or something is causing the door to stick. If not, then the basic problem is certainly with the opener.

• You are pressing the main button of the door opener, but the door isn’t moving. The logical call is to replace or at least check the batteries in the remote first. If changing the batteries cannot solve the problem, there can be an error in the connection between the opener and the remote.

Once you consider all these factors, you can proceed with garage door opener replacement.

2. The door reverses while closing or opening

Have you seen something unusual in the mechanism of the garage door? It may include the door closing all the way and suddenly opening up again. Or the door may suddenly reverse while you are opening the structure. The potential problems include

• Error in the safety sensor

• Malfunctioning of the system

The emergency reversal system is there to prevent injuries or damages during the operations of the garage door. If the area is completely free of any obstructions and still, the reverse system is kicking in at random moments, you should think of a garage door opener replacement.

But you must check the alignment of the safety sensors first and ensure that no obstruction is present in the way.

3. The door gets stuck or stalls

It\'s late at night, and you cannot open or close the door as the door seems to get stuck. It indicates that there can be a glitch with the opener, and you need the repair personnel at the soonest.

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You cannot try to open or close the door forcefully as it can cause serious safety hazards. The garage door opener replacement is the only option to solve the problem. But you should also hire the best professionals to do the job. A thorough inspection of the door opener can reveal the state of the opener and the necessary repair or replacement.

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