3 Advantages Of Renting A Temporary Storage Warehouse During Construction

Posted by Avati Safe Storage on October 31st, 2021

Modular structures can be used in many cases: work, events, need for a new production workshop, etc.

The temporary storage warehouse is one such structure. Easily convertible and removable, it lives up to its name: it will allow you to increase your storage area temporarily.

This is an ideal solution if you plan to work in your production building or expect exceptional peak inactivity. Why? What are its advantages over more traditional storage solutions such as rental buildings?

Here are the three main ones:

• The temporary storage warehouse is easy to install and allows significant reactivity

• It is flexible, both in its structure and in its implementation

• It is economical and saves you from incurring hidden or unexpected costs

The responsiveness and simplicity of modular structures

Temporary storage warehouses storage services in Bangalore are metal-textile solutions: materials that you are familiar with if you manage an industrial activity. The use of these materials, which are both light and resistant, makes the installation of modular structures quick and easy.

To be able to install it, a surface with coated soil is sufficient. Do you have parking? It\'s perfect: blocking a few parking spaces is often very simple and does not require reorganization, unlike a fixed building rental solution.

Indeed, no routing difficulties or delays are elongated by transport times. The solution comes directly to your site.

The flexibility of modular structures

The very principle of a modular structure is to be able to evolve. With the rental of a building, you must adapt to the design: respect the opening hours of the site, storage within the limit of available space, etc.

However, on your side, you must be flexible in the organization of your production. A modular structure adapts to this changing organization: you need 400 m² at the start of the work but only 100 m² at the end? The service providers dismantle part of the structure along the way, and voila!

It is not up to you to rethink your rates and your organization: the structure must allow you to maintain them during the work.

This flexibility is also found in the contracts, weekly or monthly.

Optimization of work costs

Your maintenance or installation work can already be expensive—no question of doubling the stake with your storage space.

The modular structure does not require civil engineering: a parking lot to install the design, an intervention team, and that\'s it.

You also avoid all the hidden costs associated with the reorganization: everything is on-site. You don\'t have to take the time to rethink routing or acquire new transportation capabilities. Your business is not disrupted; your customers continue to be delivered on time. And you take care of the essential: carry out your work to resume the activity on the hats of a wheel.

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