Facts About Chairlift Installation In Alexandria, VA And Baltimore

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on October 31st, 2021

People plagued with mobility issues may find it exceedingly difficult to negotiate stairs. More than 50% of a multi-storied home becomes inaccessible as a result. An older adult may be advised to shift elsewhere as the house becomes ill-maintained due to a lack of supervision and repair. This is not the best solution, however. On the contrary, medical professionals advise remaining in their home for many years to ensure proper aging in place. An excellent solution for improving mobility without the associated troubles can be in the form of chairlift installation in Alexandria, VA, and Baltimore.

The simple device is fixed to the staircase enabling the residents to move up and down the stairs easily. The built-in safety features ensure proper movement that does not put the user at risk. Senior citizens and disabled individuals find such stairlifts hugely beneficial.

 There is insufficient knowledge about the installation of a chair lift today. This makes people more apprehensive about it, causing them to be doubtful about its efficacy. The first and foremost query that the expert technicians have to encounter is about the process of installation. It suffices to know that a track is attached along the length of the staircase alongside the rail so that the lift can move along it.  There are multiple brackets attached to the corresponding treads with the help of screws. This prevents damage to the structure of the building, either at the banister or the wall by the side of the staircase. Moreover, the installers are careful enough to maintain space between the stairlift and the adjoining wall to prevent scrapes and scuffs.

Carpets- Many of the luxurious homes have rich carpets adorning the stairs. There is no need to remove the carpets from the stairs when installing a chair lift, however. The technicians entrusted with the responsibility of fitting the chair lift will take pains to use tiny support screws while positing the chair lift in place. There will be no tears or holes visible in the pricey carpet either. It is of extreme importance to check the caret thoroughly before asking for a chair lift installation. A frayed carpet with threads being noticeable may hinder the smooth movement of the chair lift.

Stairs- The professional installers make sure to leave the stairs intact when installing the lift. One may choose to take the stairs instead of using the chair lift when in good health with no mobility issues as well. There will be no apparent damages to the stairs when the chair lift is installed indoors. The outdoor stairlift may cause minimal damage to the facade when it needs the screws to need to be drilled into the tiles or stone.

A stairlift is pretty much like any other mechanical device that needs to be cleaned and maintained meticulously. To ensure full functionality, it is best to contact a professional and request Bruno chairlift repair in Springfield, VA, and Gaithersburg, MD.

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