Facts About Catheter Supplies in Rocky Mount and Roanoke, VA

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There is absolutely no reason to panic when one has to be catheterized to combat urinary problems. The medical professional prescribing medicines and dispensing advice about maintaining proper health would be the best person to provide information about the right type of catheter supplies in Rocky Mount and Roanoke, VA. Sure, it is possible to buy the catheter from the nearby pharmacy by requesting it over the counter. Still, it is essential to remain well aware of the nitty-gritty and be knowledgeable enough to source the right supplies.

The first hurdle that a prospective user has to cross is to obtain the product in the best possible material that ensures comfort and functionality. It suffices to know that catheters are made with a variety of materials today. There is no right or wrong choice to make here. The selection of a catheter-based on its material depends on personal preference. Some of the materials worth consideration include:

  •  Silicone
  •  Plastic, vinyl, or PVC
  •  Antibacterial coating
  •  Red rubber latex
  •  Latex-free
  •  DEHP-free

Size matters when one needs to use a catheter as well. Apart from noting the French size that corresponds to the diameter of the tube, the patient is free to go for a varied product if the prescribed size is too small or big. Children who need to have catheters inserted for kidney and urinary system problems will be advised to use the smaller, pediatric-sized product.

The average length of catheters that can be sourced over the counter are of:

  •  16 inches length for male use
  •  6 to 8 inches in length for women
  •  10 inches is the stipulated pediatric length

Not all catheters are created the same manner, however. One may find several types in the market and should be inclined to use the right type apart from the required sized product.

Catheter Types

Straight- This is usually advised for patients with chronic problems of the urinary bladder. It is customary for the concerned individual to insert it singlehandedly. Pulling it out would require one to discard it immediately as it cannot be reused. The design is identical for both males and females. It is available in multiple sizes, with the patient free to select one that suits the purpose.

Cloude- This catheter has a curved tip for easy insertion. The design helps the patient to pass urine despite structural anomalies. Patients with urethral strictures or enlarged prostrates are advised to use this type of catheter. Men usually use it, but women patients may be advised to insert it when there are obstructions in the urinary passage. The medical professional or caregiver usually catheterizes the patient, but a few of them may do it themselves as well. It can be bought with a specific catheter kit from the supplier to keep the risks of developing urinary tract infections low.

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