Top Key Challenges Software Tester Faces And Tips To Overcome

Posted by richel garner on November 1st, 2021

Software testing is no cakewalk. It requires great technical knowledge and expertise. The number of challenges that you might face as a software tester is countless. There are issues with the code, errors, automation, compatibility, and much more.


But if you are a software tester, there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure that all your bases are covered and read through this list of challenges that a software tester faces and overcome them with ease.

Let\'s have a look at the list of top key challenges that mobile testing service providers face and how you can overcome them.

1. Facing the Problems With Source Control

Whenever you are testing software, chances of getting errors and bugs are very high. You will have to find them and report them if you want to get a good bug report. While doing the same, there might be a chance that the developer who is working on the fix might push his changes to the source control resulting in conflicts.

When this happens, you will have to test it all over again. In cases where you have to repeat the same process, it becomes really tedious and frustrating.

2. Dealing with Slow Response Time

When you are testing software, there might be times when the system is slow. The response time of an application performance testing that acts as the factor in deciding your overall productivity.

If you face a low response time, it becomes difficult for automation testing company to carry out their testing process. To overcome that,  you can use a tool for remote access testing.

3. Compatibility Issues

Testing an application which runs on different operating systems and browsers can be a nightmare. There are chances of facing compatibility issues with different browsers and operating systems.

To overcome it, you can use a tool for browser testing so that you can carry out your testing process without facing any compatibility issues.

4. Difficulties in Testing Specific Steps

While conducting a test, there might be specific steps that you have to follow. For example, for logging in to application performance testing, you will have to follow a certain process.

But in cases where the testing team is using different devices, it becomes difficult for testers to follow a particular step. The same goes with having multiple users trying out an application for testing it.

To overcome it, you can use a tool for keyword-driven testing. It will make your work easier by automating the test steps.

5. Difficulties in Data Management

Before starting with your actual testing, it is essential that you prepare a list of data items that will be needed for testing.

So, while working on a new project, you might face a lot of difficulties in keeping track on all the data sets that you need for testing. The main reason behind it is the lack of an organized database system.

In order to overcome this, you can use a tool like TestArchitect which will help you in this regard.

6. Being Unable to Find the Errors

No matter how much expertise mobile testing service providers are, it is impossible to find all the errors. There might be some hidden errors that you cannot detect as a tester.

To overcome this, use a tool like QAComplete to find the bugs that you cannot detect.

7. No Guidelines for Defect Reports

In most of the organizations, there are no guidelines for reporting defects. Your work is just to find defects and report them.

To overcome this, use a tool like BugClipper which will help you in defect report creation. It comes with a rich set of options to make your work easier.

8. No Guidelines for Testing the Application

There are no guidelines available that help you in testing an application which is different than your previous project.

To overcome this,  use a tool like Fitnesse which will help in creating guidelines for your testing team. It is highly helpful in making your work easier and producing high-quality applications.

9. No Privacy While Testing

In some organizations, it is essential that you share your login credentials while testing a software. This gives others an idea as to what you are doing and might lead to data theft.

To overcome this, use tools like RabbitMQ which will keep your testing process secure. It will prevent the other automation testing company from knowing what you are doing.

10. Difficulties in Handling Test Data

While dealing with testing, there are some situations where you will face difficulties in handling test data. You might lose some data or in worst case scenario, you might overwrite the existing data.

To overcome this, use tools like Microsoft Excel which will help you in handling test data effectively. It might contain some formatting issues but it will give you a better idea as to what you are doing.


By overcoming these 10 obstacles, you can carry out your testing in an efficient way. You must consider using tools that will help you in making your work easier. Moreover, it will give you a better idea of your testing process and will help you in producing high-quality applications.

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