The Various Health Benefits of Natural Latex Mattresses

Posted by HaikuDesigns on April 30th, 2016

The Benefits of Orthopedic Comfort

Latex mattresses are rather paradoxical because they’re firm on the one hand and yet they’re flexible at the same time, which offers comfort along with orthopedic reinforcement. Most latex mattresses manage this by featuring a sturdy core that is enveloped by layers of organic latex, which naturally conform to the curves, lines, contours and unique characteristics of any person’s body, man woman or child. In fact, most patrons might agree that the most important orthopedic benefit is how a latex mattress evenly balances the vital and sensitive spinal column.

The Benefits of Healthy Sleep

Beyond the orthopedic value of latex mattresses, they also offer an array of other health benefits, such as no chemicals that act as a flame-retardant and no off-gassing of any kind. The reason for this is that latex is a completely natural substance that originates from a tree with a few different names: the Hevea brasiliensis, the Sharinga tree, the Pará rubber tree or simply the Rubber tree. There’s been quite a few songs written about this tree, and they always bounce back in time.

Latex is also well-known for its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, which 1) discourage the proliferation of nasty micro-organisms; 2) stunt the growth of wretched mold; 3) shun the presence of allergy-promoting dust mites; and 4) latex is notably breathable with its open-cell design.

This last benefit is an exceptional feature that deserves a bit more attention, because it allows air to move easily through the cells of the latex, preventing foul odors, and minimizing and even eliminating allergens as well as the negative entities mentioned above. Conventional mattresses made from artificial or synthetic materials are much less breathable and even encourage the presence of these unhealthy bedmates.

The Benefits of Ecological Economy

A Green or eco-friendly approach to commerce and business is becoming more and more popular in certain sectors, because more and more citizens around the world are concerned about the present state of the planet. Similar to the industrialization of wool and bamboo, latex has become a big marketable resource that ironically has a smaller carbon footprint than products such as corn. Amazingly, latex removes more carbon from the atmosphere when it’s growing than it does when it’s harvested, minimizing the effects of global warming. As commercialized natural products go, latex has joined the pantheon of sustainable and renewable resources.

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