5 Latest Hosting Trends About IBM iSeries AS400

Posted by Abel Willium on November 3rd, 2021

IBM’s AS/400 servers, also known as iSeries, can handle many things simultaneously. Its architecture has been developed to address enterprise resource planning (ERP) and many other robust tasks. Enterprise who doesn’t compromise on reliability and security, IBM iSeries AS400 is the answer for them. Companies have believed in the legacy of IBM iSeries AS/400 since its start; it’s just that now they are pulling out of their on-premises server duties and switching to IBMi hosting.

In this blog, we have briefly described the five most significant hosting trends about IBM iSeries AS400. Have a look:

1- Outsourcing IBM iSeries AS400 Expertise

As the talent pool in IBM iSeries AS400 dwindles, IBM AS/400 users find it more challenging to get reliable and skilled IBMi experts.

Minimum skills required for managing IBM AS400 iSeries include – IBM iSeries AS400 OS Management, IBM iSeries Administration, Backup & Retention, Version Upgrade, and troubleshooting.

The reasons for this essential skill are many. This includes retiring in-house talent, implementing new technologies (ERP, e-commerce, CRM, analytics, etc.), and running various systems.

IBM iSeries AS400 cloud hosting service provides these users with the resources they need to run their business in collaboration with IBM AS/400 experts that can be easily accessed whenever you need any help.

2- Secure Data Centre

Data centres are very popular because their companies get more security, redundancy, continuity, and disaster resistance than they can afford on an internal data centre.

Most IBM iSeries AS400 users have limited security. Often, they do not have a disaster recovery plan in the context of natural disasters.

For such reasons, many IBM iSeries AS400 users host their local servers in a single data centre.

So, IBM AS/400 users get excited when they consider hosting a state-of-the-art IBM POWER server hosted. They now have a greater sense of security, continuity, and flexibility than they had earlier. If they already had the data centre facility, they could have saved lots of hosting money.

3- Reduced Cost of Ownership

Speaking to potential customers here at Integrative Systems, we explained that getting a hosting service would be less expensive if they compared the price of an on-premises server to the cost of 5 years of hosting.

Read More: https://www.integrativesystems.com/hosting-trends-about-as400-iseries/

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