How are Bilateral Weight Scales Used In Chiropractic Offices?

Posted by David Bryan on November 3rd, 2021

Bilateral weight is the body weight that is distributed and carried out through the legs. But often, people face difficulty in bilateral weight distribution due to a number of reasons. It is thus important to test appropriate weight distribution through the use of bilateral weight scales. If you are unaware of the bilateral weight scale testing, you will get a glimpse of it here in this article. Happy reading!

What is a bilateral weight scale test?

A bilateral weight test measures the weight you put on each side of your body while standing on two separate scales. It remains normal + or – 2lbs in every individual when your body alignment is correct and uninterrupted. Once you get your body misaligned, you may experience problems in your entire body, especially the lumbar spine and hips. Having an excess of weight loading down one side of your body can lead to serious health problems. “Scoliosis” or curvature of the spine can also be a direct result.


Chiropractic adjustment is considered an effective and impactful treatment option by people across the world. It gives positive and beneficial results in a shorter time than any other treatment option. The chiropractic experts give the most suitable treatment option. Early detection is key to resolving abnormal weight distribution problems.

The chiropractic adjustments are specific and painless. That is why chiropractic therapies have become popular worldwide, and people are getting immense benefits from the treatment.

Only one way to find out how your weight distribution is? See a trained Chiropractor who performs a bilateral weight scale test!

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