The Emotional Connection: The Future of Customer Experience

Posted by groupfio on November 5th, 2021

Have you ever sat on hold with your cable provider, trying to figure out why your bill always seems to be more money than you thought it was going to be? Frustrated by this modern-day phenomenon, you hang on through the horrible hold music, only to be transferred several times to someone who tells you your issue will have to be “escalated” to a supervisor who will get back to you.

A couple of days later, you receive an email from your cable provider who declares you one of their “valued customers,” advertising an exclusive deal for their Wi-Fi services. You probably chuckled to yourself as you deleted that email. The last thing you’re going to do is sign up for yet another service with that company, regardless of how good of a deal they pitch you.

You may not realize it while you’re hitting that delete button, but what you just did was what most consumers do these days; decide on a brand not based on price, but on your experience and emotional response to them.

Today’s crowded digital landscape and an ever-expanding eCommerce marketplace means that brands and consumers alike are looking for something more than just a straightforward buyer/seller transaction. By using customer data to provide an enriched and engaging brand experience, you’re providing a deeper emotional connection and a sense that you understand their needs now and in the future. This is the extra something that will keep customers faithful to your brand.

Emotions and Experience Control Purchase Power

Smart, future-focused brands have been looking at the emotional side of customer experience strategy for some time now, because when you use emotion to drive your CX efforts, it becomes a powerful differentiator between your brand and your competitors.

More companies are getting better at the functional basics of customer experience, like responding in a timely manner to questions, streamlining the purchase process, and providing potential product recommendations. Brands that are thinking of the next step ahead know that they need something unique to offer that separates them from their competition. And what is the most unique thing you can offer? The way you make your customers feel.  

If you think that the biggest driving force behind a purchase is price, think again. Today’s savvy consumer and competitive marketplace has made the reasons behind why a customer decides to buy from a brand much more complex than just what is on the price tag. With so many options for cheaper prices, discount programs, and free shipping, brands that stand out have to offer something more to their customers. To know more  how The Emotional Connection is The Future of Customer Experience please visit our blog here  :

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