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Great news World of Warcraft Classic fans, the Burning Crusadebeta is now live! According to the official World of Warcraft Twitter account, access to the Beta will be rolling out over the next few weeks.To get more news about lootwow, you can visit official website.

WoW Classic has been firing up in popularity recently as nostalgic players of old returned to their roots. Nothing can quite match the excitement of the original WoW experience, other than, perhaps, the relaunch with World of Warcraft Classic and now the Burning Crusade expansion beta!

When will it officially release? Nobody knows, and since it is currently in Beta, it is likely a floating target as bugs and fixes need to be integrated into the expansion.While Burning Crusade will include many of the original changes from the expansion\'s initial release, the new version won\'t be a carbon copy. Some classes and bosses will be nerfed or improved in order to add more balance to the game than what originally existed. After all, WoW devs remember what frustrated players about the original release of Burning Crusade and can make the game an improved experience for PvP and PvE players this time around.

Some players may be irked by these changes, as there\'s quite a following to people who want a true #nochange experience of Classic WoW. Personally, I like the small modifications that improve combat interactions while retaining the core experience of playing Burning Crusade.Good news here! Burning Crusade will be free! That\'s right, just continue to pay the monthly subscription fee and you will have access to World of Warcraft Burning Crusade content.

That being said, you will have to pay out of pocket if you want to level boost a character into Burning Crusade. The amount to do so has not yet been revealed.Yes! Great news for players who haven\'t yet maxed their level in World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard will be letting players boost a single character to level 58 and dive straight into the Dark Portal with Burning Crusade. There is however a downside to doing this. You\'ll have to pay some cold hard cash to do so (microtransactions yay! /s).

According to WoW Classic production director when speaking with PC Gamer, \"It\'s not meant to be a way to avoid leveling. That\'s part of what Classic is meant to be—all those levels that you earned matter. The reason that this is important for us is that we also know community matters and playing with your friends matters. So providing people with the opportunity to do this once, so they can\'t just get as many characters as they want, lets you play the character that you want alongside your friends who maybe have been playing and putting in that time and investment into getting multiple [level 60 characters].\"

Personally, as an older generation gamer (somewhat), I\'m past the era of grinding for the sake of grinding, so I\'d be happy to pay a fee to jump in at level 58. Although, there will be plenty of grinding to come to get to level 70 in Burning Crusade.

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