Alfa Chemistry—Reliable Supplier of Custom Synthesis of Functional Polymers

Posted by Tylor on November 6th, 2021

While providing various types of functional polymers that are readily available, Alfa Chemistry’s management also fully understands that there is a vast demand for tailor-made polymers. Therefore, the company recently announces its ability for custom synthesis of various functional polymers.

For researchers or manufacturers who are seeking for functional polymers of special type or size that are not obtainable on the market, they are encouraged to reach Alfa Chemistry’s professional synthesis team.

“Having accumulated strong synthetic expertise through our vast range of catalog products, we are proud to say that once a detailed synthesis request is received from customers, a custom synthesis and manufacturing project will be launched swiftly and should be finished within the timeframe settled by both parties. With many years\' experience working with polymer companies, our team is prepared to successfully complete any challenging custom synthesis opportunity, from the milligram to kilogram scale in our custom synthesis lab,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Moreover, in case of encountering problems or bottlenecks in the research circle, our highly skilled Ph.D. and M.S. synthetic chemists will avail their expertise to provide useful insights, hopefully to help find better solutions more quickly.”

More information about Alfa Chemistry’s offerings of custom synthesis of polymer products can be found at

About Functional Polymers

Functional polymers are macromolecules that have unique properties or uses.Functional polymers have been developed for a wide range of diverse applications. These include organic catalysis (supported catalysts), medicine (red-blood-cell substitutes), optoelectronics (conducting polymers, magnetic polymers and polymers for nonlinear optics), biomaterials, paints and varnishes, building materials, photographic materials as well as lube and fuel additives. The functional polymers provided by Alfa Chemistry cover: adsorptive polymers, biomedical polymers, electrofunctional polymers, functional PEGs, photoactive polymers, and silicone polymers.

About Alfa Chemistry

In the past decade, numerous efforts have been made by Alfa Chemistry to simplify the seeking process of customers looking for the chemicals and materials they need. While the industry research focus evolves with time, the management of Alfa Chemistry keenly observed that the demand for new functional materials is fast-growing. There is no doubt about the huge potentials of functional polymers when used in revolutionary technologies. Therefore, a sub-website is established to provide various functional polymers for researchers. At the same time, custom synthesis is also enabled so that polymers can be endowed with certain functions by using certain special preparation methods or by introducing functional groups or fillers into materials.

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