Difference between Addiction and De-Addiction Center

Posted by Trust care on November 7th, 2021

The word ‘Addiction’ soon brings a different image and a different individual in our mind, suffering with a potential addiction of alcohol or drug consumption. Mostly located among the age group of 16-32, most teens are commonly and closely associated with these addictions now-a-days, which is an absolute lowest and the worst point of addiction. Initiating the ideas of suicide, homeless, desperate, crime etc. it is hard to understand these individuals with all their consequences always being extreme in nature.  There are types of facilities available for such addicts. Introducing below the addiction and de-addiction treatment centers in Mumbai and explain the slight difference between the two.


Addiction Center in Mumbai


The Drug rehabilitation c Center in Pune offers a full support group session process as well as a complete therapeutic session as well, after the completion of the initial phases. Most of the Drug rehabilitation c Center in Pune provides the complete 12 step program support group facility. Also the main 7 therapies used by most of these Drug rehabilitation c Center in Pune are Biofeedback Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior, Experiential Therapy, Holistic, Psychodynamic and Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Promising towards a healthy and positive normal lifestyle, these addiction treatment centers in Mumbai provide an assurance of a serene gleeful environment.


De-Addiction Center in Mumbai


Drug rehabilitation Center in Pune provides a high quality treatment program, involving a fully-functioning multidisciplinary care team, working in all aspects starting from body, spirit and mind. Having mixed professionals towards the reaction of an individualized treatment plan, required a lot of determination, thought process and years of practice. The team of the Drug rehabilitation c Center in Pune mainly consists of: A medical doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Nurse, A Chemical Dependency Counselor, Nutritionist, Spiritual Care Counselor, Wellness Specialist.


Now, in most of the addiction centers across India, about more than 80% of centers treat only drug and alcohol addicts giving them all the necessary facilities, however, the de-addiction centers mainly treat all kinds of obsessive addictions which individuals go through, whether it be of sex, gambling, drugs, sleep, alcohol etc. They also intake mentally challenged patients with mind disorders suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia etc. However, the end motive of both the centers lies in providing a better life to their patients.


Both, helps and understands the patients about the pros and cons of your actions and how it is creating a problem in yours and in your loved ones lives. Following various steps of programs and therapies, many centers also provide relapse session activities too, and then release the patient, helping them with a smooth transition into their regular life. These centers are always accredited by The Joint Commission or by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Both independent and non-profit organizations, who only focus on providing quality and valuable results for the needful. To attain such accreditation or a license, the process is very crucial and absolutely ethical, therefore, always check the need before selecting, however, most of the centers have their processes following them with utmost ethical values.





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