Working of Alcohol in the Human Body

Posted by Trust care on November 8th, 2021

The Drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai region, discussed the seriousness of the consumption of alcohol in the human body and it’s working in the human body. These Drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai region have witnessed several types of alcohol addicts suffering from mild to severe conditions which is a sincere concern for the society. The Drug rehabilitation center in Mumbai are working towards the betterment of the society, raising the consumption of alcohol as a serious concern as it is legal in India, consumed by teenagers to adults to old age groups as well. Therefore, the working inside the human body is thus explained.


Alcohol is basically a drug which is absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach and the small intestine. It is then broken down by our liver and then it is finally eliminated or excreted from our body. However, there are certain limits to how fast the liver will break down the alcohol and this process is one which cannot be sped up. Until and unless the liver has the time to break down the alcohol, the alcohol till then continues to circulate in our bloodstream causing affects in the body organs which includes the brain too. Nothing absolutely can speed up this process, not by exercising or drinking caffeine. Absolutely nothing.


As the alcohol reaches our brain, the individual starts to feel dizzy and drunk. This similar nature of this feeling can also vary from individual to individual depending upon the situation of how much quantity they are drinking which in terms makes them feel dizzy. The thing which is common to all the situations is that alcohol slowly depresses our brain and slows down the normal functions which includes some major functions too such as the ability to think, walk, breath and also affects our heart rate. It is one of the reasons why drinking alcohol should be banned. If an individual drinks too much, the chances of getting a stroke or heart attack are likely which can lead towards ultimate death. Some of the following mentioned myths are things one can do to come back to a sober self after drinking alcohol. They are as follows:


  • Black coffee will help you become sober
  • Exercise will help you become sober
  • Eating food will help you become sober
  • Taking a cold shower will help you become sober
  • Fresh air will help you become sober
  • A quick walk will help you become sober
  • Going from dark lighting to bright lighting will help you become sober
  • Drinking milk before drinking will allow you to drink as much as you want
  • Putting a penny in your mouth will lower your BAC


These myths are very important to be clarified and are mostly done among students usually after drinking as in deciding who will drive and engaging in such types of activities which can cause danger to one’s life. These activities are just temporary illusions of sobering up and in many of the instances it increases the sense of drunkenness too.




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