Laser Cut Pipes, Rods & Other Cylinders with a Pipe Rotary Attachment

Posted by maria vidal on November 8th, 2021

If looking up ‘rotary engraving near me has brought you here, then the company that you need to go to is One to One Engravers, based in Northampton. In this article, we will be looking at laser cut pipes and other cylinders with a pipe rotary attachment.

The rotary attachment at One to One is compatible with every laser system, and they can add a z-axis rotary to a laser system to enable operators to either cut or engrave on the cylindrical items with great ease. The system is allowed to retire to normal flatbed operation by simply removing the rotary option when it is not in use. The versatility that it offers is why many owners and operators use this attachment.

There are two main rotary setups that are available, and the first is the Chuck Rotation setup. This implements a lathe chuck to secure the pipes firmly in place. There is a tailstock that pushes against the opposite end so that the pipe doesn’t rotate on the centre during curing.

The tailstock can also be adjusted on the rail to be able to accommodate different lengths of the pipe. The adjustments to the rotary chuck can accommodate pipes that are up to six inches and is usually used for pipe joints, large filters, and motorcycle exhausts.

The alternate device relies on rollers to be able to spin a cylindrical item, and this allows the engravings to go around the outside surface of the product. The laser head has access to the entire system since there is no tailstock or chuck.

This is a popular choice where the entire outside needs to be engraved and is commonly used for tumblers, flashlights, and walking sticks.

As mentioned, if you’re here after looking up ‘rotary engraving near me,’ then One to One Engravers is the right choice for you. They offer a myriad of services of the highest quality, so your requirements will be met with no hassle whatsoever and for a great price that will fit your budget.

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