Serial Numbers Metal Engraving on Firearms: Dot Pin Making and Laser Engraver fo

Posted by maria vidal on November 8th, 2021

If you’re looking to metal engrave on firearms and are here after looking up ‘laser marking near me,’ then One to One Engravers is the company you should go for. They offer excellent but cheap engraving services, so you will get more than your money’s worth.

Here are some of the advantages that you have when getting serial numbers metal engraved on firearms from the laser engraving company.

One of the main advantages of laser engraving is that it is a non-contact technique. This means that the beam will not be making physical contact with the firearm that you want to be engraved. Instead, it relies on heat from the laser to get the outcome required.

This is an advantage over other traditional techniques as the aspect of abrasion damage that can be left on the material is eliminated completely. Instead, the area that will be vaporised is only the region that the laser is targeting and the area around it is left unaffected.

Unlike laser marking, which is like deep engraving, the aim of laser engraving is to basically remove a piece of the surface, that in this case, is the surface of the firearm. Since laser systems, especially fibre lasers, offer so much control, there is a variety of depth that is offered so that the user’s needs can be met.

Laser engraving machines also engrave on metal surfaces of high HRC value, in which case the gun is constructed with metal. These types of guns are marked with ease with the lasers, and there is no risk of corrosion on it whatsoever.

As mentioned, if you’re here after looking up ‘laser marking near me,’ then One to One Engravers is the laser engraving company that you should go for. They offer many different services of the highest quality.

What’s more, is that you can get cheap engraving services from here of excellent quality so you will not be disappointed. So if you want your firearm engraved for traceability purposes, this is the company to hire.

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