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It is common enough to find elevators installed in high-rise residences and business establishments. Many buildings of limited height are yet to be equipped with elevators. Individuals are wary of having to climb up and down a long flight of stairs almost daily. Deciding to install LU/LA elevators in Peoria and Bloomington can prove to be highly effective for most users.

One must stop to ask about the nature of such elevators, however. How does it differ from a traditional one, and what purpose does it serve specifically? Well, the LU/LA is an acronym that stands for “limited use limited application.” Such elevators are usually installed in buildings with a low occupancy rate, with the height of the building never exceeding three stories. It is deemed to be ideal for low-rise structures such as schools, libraries, churches, and multi-family units such as a condo. A prospective user would have to weigh the pros and cons before installing one for vertical access.

It helps to know that the Lu/LA elevators provide a perfect alternative to a vertical platform lift and a home elevator. They cannot be utilized in tall commercial buildings on account of their limited capability.

Almost all State Codes permit the use of LU/LA elevators in:

Private facilities consisting of three or less than three floors! Shopping establishments or transit areas meant for the public are usually not permitted to install this type of elevator.

A two-storied building with less than five occupants. There should be no connectivity between the floors with no public usage of its space.

Some of the other specifications limit the usage of LU/LA elevators somewhat. They include the following aspects:-

The car doors should leave a minimum width of 32 inches clear on either side.

Larger cars with 51 inches minimum clear width are allowed to have a depth of 51 inches, too, provided it leaves 36 inches clear when opening on the platform.

The distance traveled should be limited to 25 feet. 50 feet may be permitted in exceptional cases.

The speed of the elevator is restricted to 30 feet per minute.

Weight carrying capacity is also limited to 1400 pounds.

The installed doors can be expanded and allowed to swing at the landing platform.

The limited use & limited application elevator combines the best of both worlds by serving as a full-fledged traditional elevator, and a wheelchair lift rolled into one. This is the reason for being termed as a hybrid elevator.

Although there are several limitations of installing a Lu/LA elevator, it does come with multiple benefits, namely:

  •  The best elevator that can be installed within a limited space
  •  It is a cost-effective option for the small business establishment with low spending capacity
  •  It helps businesses comply with the “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).”

Disabled individuals who remain confined to wheelchairs find platform lifts in Appleton, WI, and Roselle, IL, to improve mobility.

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