All You Need to Know About WhatsApp Business API

Posted by Diksha Sharma on November 11th, 2021

With the advancement in technology, there has been a tremendous change in how businesses work or stay connected with their customers to offer them the best services possible. Whatsapp is the best and most popular messaging app that helps users stay connected with family, friends, and acquaintances on a consumer level. Businesses are increasingly adopting Whatsapp API service to connect with their customers over the most preferred channels. So, if you are a small business owner or a startup and want to expand your customer base, then Whatsapp business API is the best solution!

What is the Whatsapp Business API?

In layman’s language, Whatsapp business API is the application programming interface that helps power the interaction of businesses with their customers so that they can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. Businesses that are willing to utilize Whatsapp chatbot must tie up with Whatsapp service providers like This API allows businesses to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages from their customers.

Advantages of Whatsapp Business API.

Whatsapp business APIs are specially designed for growing businesses or more prominent companies. The advantages associated with using Whatsapp API integration includes: 

Convenient Two-Way Communication

Whatsapp API gives businesses a platform to engage with their customers through their most preferred app. This app offers businesses a convenient and direct gateway to a variety of customer communications and campaigns. 

Improved Customer Care 

Gone are those days where the customers used to wait for long hours for the reply from the companies or the customer service centres to attend their call. All these tasks were very frustrating and time-consuming. Instead, WhatsApp Business provides a smooth platform to the companies with a unique environment to chat with customers in real-time and thus helps to maintain loyalty and trust. 

Brand-Verified Conversations

A unique business identity helps to inject branding elements. Every business must create a business Whatsapp profile to establish trust among the customers regarding the business and its operations. To ensure trust among customers, you can add the following details to your Whatsapp account:

  • Contact number

  • Website URLs 

  • Store location

  • Promotional details etc.

Global Reach

With more than 2 million users of Whatsapp worldwide, it is one of the best channels for businesses to reach captive audiences.  

Initiate More Conversation 

Once the users opt to communicate with your business over Whatsapp, you can create a template message that helps notify the customers to move to the next step and start the conversation. Whatsapp requires that businesses must respond to incoming customer messages within 24 hours using a non-templated message.

How to Use Whatsapp Business? 

Below mentioned are some of the use cases associated with using Whatsapp business API:

  • Send alerts and notifications.

  • In-app booking and scheduling.

  • Send appointment reminders.

  • Streamline customer service.

  • Send customer surveys etc. 

Some of the industries that use Whatsapp chatbots are:

  • Retail

  • Ecommerce

  • Health Services

  • Finance

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Fundraising & Nonprofits

  • Real Estate

  • Government

  • Entertainment & Media 

Get started today with the best Whatsapp API service provider, i.e. Its services are trusted by globally known brands like Indigo, Dominos, Flipkart and many more. Request for a demo today and boost your customer experience journey.

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