Best Festive Season Marketing Strategies For Businesses

Posted by Stephen Taylor on November 11th, 2021

It is the festive season now and buyers are on a shopping spree with fantastic deals available. They are willing to shell out much more than usual. This directly offers huge revenue generation, profit maximization, and customer engagement opportunities for businesses across the globe. According to a recent report by Admitad, the festive season sale is expected to reach Rs 7.9 billion this year, a threefold increase over the previous year. Businesses are looking for seasonal marketing ideas and working hard on devising marketing strategies to attract more customers. However, they need to gear up for the purpose. 

Festive marketing is expected to be different this year with the pandemic still existing. More customers prefer digital buying than traditional. Hence, it makes more sense for businesses to opt for digital marketing strategies to get more customers. Mobile advertising technologies like moLotus are becoming the preferred choice to brand marketers this season. They can leverage brand marketing and advertising tactics to differentiate from the rest.

Here is a snapshot of the best festive season marketing strategies for businesses :

1. Send Personalized Greetings

This festive season is the time to pamper and engage customers. Pamper them with beautiful hyper-personalized messaging with options for name, greetings, reward, call-to-action for individual customers. Unlike outdated email messaging, this is possible with a new-age marketing platform like moLotus. Interestingly, the platform enables businesses to run unique mobile campaigns for every special occasion like festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Consequently, customers become more sensitive to a brand\\'s presence and also spread word-of-mouth appreciation to their acquaintances. This further leads to increased customer acquisition and more profits. The best part is that moLotus does not require any App or Data and works on all kinds of phones.

2. Offer Easy-to-Access Coupons & Vouchers

Businesses must ensure that their customers buy more by intelligently rewarding them for the desired buying behaviour. Research has shown that shoppers receiving festive coupons tend to buy more. With new-age digital marketing platforms like moLotus coming into the limelight, businesses can easily. engage and convert the shoppers with real-time personalized digital coupons and vouchers. They can create automated campaigns offering coupons and vouchers. moLotus has replaced the newspaper & print coupons with real-time personalized event-based digital mobile vouchers and coupons. It provides much cheaper & faster distribution than print media together with a high response rate. Also, it is easier & cheaper to administrate with no chance of fraudulent usage. The moLotus capability has introduced new levels of control, accuracy, tracking, and analysis for businesses resulting in higher ROI

3. Organize Giveaway Contests

Studies reveal that giveaway contests are one of the best ways for businesses to engage shoppers during festivities. Customers feel delighted when they get a chance to win a prize. Contest and Giveaways have been part of successful holiday marketing campaigns creating a lot of buzzes. Although contests represent a lucrative marketing opportunity, managing them can be complex for businesses. Good News is that It is now easier to launch and manage contests successfully via tools like moLotus. Research reflects that moLotus has assisted brands in running hassle-free, cheaper, and faster contests with superior customer response and engagement. Traditional techniques like running Facebook contests, Instagram sweepstakes, etc. have lost effectiveness due to social media turning into hotbeds of hateful conversations.

4. Innovate Cross-selling & Upselling 

Upselling and cross-selling are considered to be some of the best festive season campaigns for boosting sales. Earlier traditional techniques like email marketing were considered powerful by brands for the purpose but not anymore! Marquee brands nowadays are capturing a bigger piece of the holiday commerce pie with highly personalized moLotus cross-sell and upsell campaigns as personalized recommendations are one the most effective ways to do it. The moLotus offered rich customer data analytics that has helped brands to understand buyer behavior and accordingly provide highly relevant product recommendations that might interest festive shoppers. It is important to recommend products that fit the customer\\'s pocket in order to maximize sales revenues.

5. Make Ad Spends Work

For advertisers, festive advertising always holds a higher conversion potential. Traditionally advertisers relied on festive offers and discounts across traditional media platforms like television, print, outdoor, radio, and digital platforms like Facebook, etc. However, with the clutter prevailing in traditional media, they have shifted to real mobile advertising - moLotus advertising offers higher response rates and is more cost-effective. moLotus is remarkably powerful for time-sensitive campaigns like festive promotions by managing them efficiently. Further, moLotus HQ video ads up to 40 sec are ideal accomplices for festival campaigns, generating better ROI.

6. Focus on Customization

In the new world, mass marketing campaigns are dead. This rule applies to festival season marketing also. Therefore during the current festive season, top brands are preferring customized mobile video ad campaigns offered by moLotus to reach out to the customers, ensuring more leads and sales. The platform is assisting them in targeting different languages, demography, interests, etc. By segmenting the potential customers, businesses can figure out which customers are likely to find certain incentives compelling and only send messages to those who are more likely to engage.


Despite all-time high competition with multiple businesses offering similar products with enhanced price, quality, or feature, festivals could be a hot season for you to push your products forward. If you are planning to register massive sales with high margin revenues this Christmas and New Year, consider and embrace breakthrough tools like moLotus.

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