Why Do You Need Network Security Monitoring Services?

Posted by Alvin Smith on November 11th, 2021

The cybersecurity team of your company has a huge challenge of investigating the security events that flood your network every day and identifying the threats that accompany them, that can compromise the data security of your organization. Hence, to drastically improve your threat alerts, continuous cyber security monitoring is very essential, so that you can give more focus and time to creating effective security strategies. Here are a few reasons why your company needs to consider network monitoring services.

For minimizing data breaches

Most of the data breaches are caused by hackers and cybercriminals. Network security monitoring helps you to improve your Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD), to prevent hackers from stealing your data or holding your data at ransom. Thus, controlling the havoc created by the threat actor on the systems and endpoints. A data breach can result in an immense financial loss and a negative brand and shareholder reputation.

Strict compliance and regulatory requirements

Non-compliance and failure to meet the regulatory requirements mean that you have compromised the customers\' data, which cost you huge penalties and fines because more and more countries are taking consumer data privacy and protection very seriously and are introducing new regulations to hold organizations accountable. Hence, the companies should take effective measures of security controls to safeguards consumer data. This is why continuous cyber security monitoring is needed from an expert service provider.

For improving your mean-time-to-respond

As mentioned earlier, network security monitoring services help you to enhance your Mean-Time-Detect and Mean-Time-To-Respond. If the team is able to identify or detect a threat and then create an alert, it can help you to control how much time is spent in containing and mitigating the threat, hence improving your MTTD and MTTR by giving you the right alerts. 

Help you to know who are your opponents 

Poor detection and response capabilities can make the data breaches last for months. You need continuous network security monitoring paired with threat intelligence can prevent the impact caused by cyber-attacks and breaches because it will let you know what exactly is happening in the system. This can take your security detection and response capabilities to a new level, by helping you to know who your threat actors are, how they operate, and their probability to hack your organization.

To help you keep up with the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape

With massive data breaches happening every month and organizations constantly facing a threat landscape, it is becoming very difficult for them to keep up with the invasion of threats that are hitting their security teams. But having a 24/7 network security monitoring services provider can help in preventing the risks associated with the data security of your organization.

To sum up

The best way to prevent a network security calamity is by identifying the threats at the right time. Threats that go undetected can result in severe losses and huge fines and a damaged brand reputation. But a security monitoring service can help you with filtering and examining the hundreds of threats and also strengthen your cyber security.

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