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Posted by comfortmasternc on November 11th, 2021

A fully functional air conditioner unit at home is essential to ensuring comfort during the hot and humid months. This is why every homeowner should invest time and money towards the maintenance of the unit. A complete and comprehensive check annually by expert technicians helps reduce the chances of AC repair in Greenville and Edenton, NC. Several issues crop up with a poorly maintained machine, and the air conditioner is no different. Also, annual checks often help detect a problem before it gets out of hand, saving a few good dollars.

Most Common Air Conditioner Issues Faced by Homeowners

Before discussing the general issues that crop up with an air conditioner, it should be noted that annual maintenance doesn\'t make the AC unit immune to problems. Similar to all other electrical appliances, the air conditioner too can experience difficulties and sudden breakdowns. Timely tune-ups and annual checks help maximize the operational efficiency of the same.

Additionally, not all issues require a repair service; some can also be handled by scheduling a professional air conditioner service in Edenton and Rocky Mount, NC. Usually, an AC unit experiences the following problems:  

Cooling Issue – A common complaint among homeowners, this can be caused due to thermostat issues, dirty filters, improper setting on the thermostat, and unit size.

Dirty Filters – Most homeowners seem to have little knowledge about changing the filters every three months. Dirty filters significantly affect the air quality, cooling capacity, and operational efficiency of the machine.

Refrigerant Leakage –Homeowners usually complain of a strange noise coming out from the machine, the formation of ice on the refrigerant line or coil, and changing temperatures. However, all this happens due to a leak in the refrigerant.

Thermostat Issues – Improper setting on a thermostat or a defective one can affect the heating and cooling system, thereby bringing down the unit\'s performance. An expert helps analyze the problem and fix the same.

Poor Installation – This is another reason that causes the AC unit to experience recurring problems. Professional installation is always recommended as an expert helps determine the perfect unit based for respective homes.

While annual maintenance, periodic tune-ups, and occasional checks can prevent most problems from occurring, some require professional AC repair in Greenville and Edenton, NC.

Repair or Replace - What Should be Done with an AC Unit Having Problems

Well, most of the issues experienced by an AC unit usually end up being a minor one and can easily be resolved. There are always some that end up being major ones incurring a heavy expense. The decision of repairing or replacing the air conditioner under such circumstances should be based on the age of the machine. If the unit\'s age is more than ten years, it is always advisable to replace it rather than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on air conditioner service in Edenton and Rocky Mount, NC.

Finding professional help with air conditioner maintenance is essential to have the machine up and running efficiently for years to come. Not everything can be attended to with the help of a video tutorial.

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