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Posted by Liz Seyi on November 12th, 2021

Naturally, it goes without saying that when you’re getting married in Gibraltar – or for that matter, anywhere else – you’ll want your attendees to be on their best behaviour (within reason)! And hopefully, the things they should do – treating you, your beloved and the venue with courtesy and respect, for example – shouldn’t need to be stated. 

That said, it’s also true that some people, in such a celebratory atmosphere as a wedding, can occasionally go a bit too far. So, even if you’re just mentioning them in passing on a printout with your invites or on social media, here are a few rules it might be worth setting out more explicitly to would-be guests. 

After all, you can never be absolutely sure… 

RSVP by the deadline 

It’s perfectly reasonable to include a date on your wedding invitations, by which people must respond so that you have ample time to sort out the seating plan. Even if it turns out you can accommodate last-minute changes, unless the invitee has a legitimate reason for having to communicate their intentions late, RSVPing after the deadline can come across as rude at best. 

Don’t wear white… or black 

The first of those who hopefully be self-explanatory for your attendees, and should include ivory and cream, too. As for black, you won’t want to give those passing by your venue the impression that it’s actually a funeral taking place there, rather than the grand celebration that is the formalisation of your union to your sweetheart. Again, this should be a relatively common-sense rule. 

Don’t get in the way of the photographer 

Sure, it can be hard to resist reaching for one’s iPhone and taking a few snaps when you’re at a special event like a wedding – you may have been guilty of that yourself as a wedding guest in the past. But when it’s your own nuptials, you should make clear to guests that you have a professional photographer whose role it is to get the really important snaps – so, don’t obstruct or upstage them! 

Don’t make it all about you 

Again, we hope your attendees would realise that using your big day unprompted as the moment to announce their own engagement, pregnancy, or whatever their big news is, is extremely bad form. The one and only exception to this rule is if the guest has approached you before the event and secured your permission and approval to do something of this effect. And even then, you shouldn’t be agreeing to such a request through gritted teeth – feel free to say no if it seems unreasonable. 

Enjoy yourself! 

We don’t want to come across too much as being fun-squashing stern headmasters here, and we’re sure you won’t want to make that impression on your attendees. So, be sure to set out that this will be a fun and laidback occasion, even if that’s not exactly an excuse for them to behave like schoolchildren by trashing the venue décor or encroaching on the speeches. 

As we stated above, these rules really should be common sense for anyone making the trip to see you getting married in Gibraltar. So, don’t overdo the finger-wagging if you’re confident that the people you’ve invited will behave. And if you have any further needs with regard to the planning of the wedding itself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. 


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