Need For OSHA Fall Protection Training

Posted by oshaprosusa on November 12th, 2021

A forklift is one of the most common equipment used in construction sites. The driver of a forklift needs to be skilled at handling this specialized vehicle. The risks of the operation are aplenty and require extreme care and tact for keeping it operational. The operational team needs proper training for driving it and must be aware of the risks involved. The latest statistics reported by the “The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)” state that at least 34,900 instances of grave injuries occur every year, with fatal results observed in 85 forklift drivers and users. Sure, one cannot avoid all accidents, but an increased risk is noted in workers being inadequately trained in driving sit-down and standing forklifts and unskilled workers being prone to mishaps.

It is no wonder that OSHA advises getting the right sit down forklift certification for trained and licensed workers who have to operate the forklift regularly. The expense of taking the training and obtaining the certification is not too much either. It is the responsibility of the employers to check their employees and provide the proper training for the operational team. OSHA offers sit-down and stand-up forklift operators training, making it easy for a construction company to ensure safety. The best part of taking the training is the availability of online training. A worker can thus attend to the job and then go on to take the training at convenience. One is free to use the weekend to complete the training too. The certificate is bound to be delivered to one’s home or office as directed.

Some of the safety practices explained to forklift operators during the training include:

  •  Understanding different types of forklifts in operation across the nation
  •  Specific safety standards to be maintained when operating the forklift
  •  Design of sit down /stand up forklifts
  •  Common hazards such as faulty batteries, tip-over of goods, etc
  •  Precautions to be taken to avoid risks of physical injuries
  •  Ensuring the safety of pedestrians
  •  Proper forklift maintenance tips
  •  The best process to handle loads

OSHA recommends suitable clothing for all forklift operators who need to wear the correct garments and use safety shoes along with a jacket that remains visible from a distance. The operator should also tuck in any loose part of the garment before operating the forklift. This helps to prevent the strands from being got into the machinery.

The training only takes a couple of days for completion and can be done over a weekend. The certification remains valid for three years, with all forklift operators being mandated to take a refresher training course after every three years.

Failing to take the training is a violation of Federal law. The operator has to attain the age of 18 to be eligible to operate a forklift.

Traders and employees who use physical labor at their workplaces need to complete the OSHA fall protection training as well.

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