Acetylglucosamine Market - Industry Report, 2031

Posted by aartimule on November 12th, 2021

Acetylglucosamine Market: Introduction

The latest research report published by Transparency Market Research on the global market for acetylglucosamine such as Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, and Africa industry analysis and growth opportunity assessment for 2021-2031. Europe holds the leading share of 34.6% of the acetylglucosamine market, which is estimated to value US$ 155.6 Mn in 2021, and expand at a CAGR of 6.1% to reach US$ 281.5 Mn by 2031.


Several Health Benefits Associated with Acetylglucosamine Supporting Market Growth

Glucosamine is not commonly found in foods, but it is often sold as a supplement in powder, tablets, and other forms. Acetylglucosamine is obtained from the shells of shellfish or produced artificially. Acetylglucosamine supplements offer health benefits for joint pain such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, joint damage, urogenital tract infection, perianal disease, respiratory tract disease, and sexual disorder.

With increasing health disorders, consumers are inclined toward health-beneficial food & supplements, which can help to prevent disorders and health-related issues.

According to recent medical studies, it is proved that glucosamine helps reduce joint pain, especially among people with osteoarthritis. In fact, the scientific support for glucosamine is so strong that the compound is available as a medicinal substance. The health-beneficial properties of acetylglucosamine are expected to benefit the growth of the global acetylglucosamine market.

Increased Consumption of Dietary Supplements in Emerging Countries to Drive Acetylglucosamine Market

From the past few years, emerging countries are witnessing a major economic change. Increasing consumer awareness regarding health consciousness and healthy diet are leading to high consumption of dietary supplements. Developing countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Indonesia are witnessing high growth in the consumption of dietary supplements.

Major multinational brands are focusing to offer quality products to the emerging economies, which has increased the availability of different types of supplements products for immune health. The rising consumer purchasing power combined with the accessibility of different brands is developing a better market scenario for dietary supplement manufacturers in these countries. Moreover, increasing Internet sales of supplements is contributing toward the growth of the acetylglucosamine market in these countries.

Focus of Manufacturers on Expansion, Innovation of Acetylglucosamine Supplements to Propel Growth

Innovation has been a significant part of the nutraceutical industry and has helped in the expansion of business opportunities for manufacturers. New product development with several health benefits is also impacting customers to try new supplements. Producers are offering acetylglucosamine supplements in multiple forms and flavors to attract consumers who are demanding nutrition without compromising on taste.

The growing prevalence of obesity has propelled manufacturers to innovate for more effective health supplements. Expanding technological platforms and increased research for health beneficial supplements are expected to fuel the growth of the global acetylglucosamine market.

Increased Demand from Pharmaceutical Industry to Offer Sales Opportunities for Acetylglucosamine Market

Multiple health benefits associated with acetyl glucosamine, which have attracted players operating in the pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical industries. Acetyl glucosamine is a part of complex glycosaminoglycan, which is found in cell walls of fungi and bacteria. It helps to treat and prevent different disorders such as multiple sclerosis, joint pain, gut lining, connective tissue disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, and other health-related disorders. The regular consumption of acetylglucosamine as a supplement helps to prevent diseases and disorders.

With health-beneficial properties, acetylglucosamine is widely used to treat multiple diseases, which is expected to propel the use of acetyl glucosamine in the pharmaceutical industry in the near future.


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