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Posted by Dr. Debraj Shome on May 2nd, 2016

Hair loss can occur in both men and women, and once it does, it can be an embarrassing and frustrating ordeal. Conventional treatment for hair loss involve special lotions, oils, creams, and shampoos that claim to restore hair growth on problem areas. However, hair loss may occur again once you stop using those products. For this reason, patients seeking long-term hair regrowth and restoration turn to medical treatments like stem cell therapy to treat baldness and hair loss. New research has suggested the efficacy and viability of stem cells for treating hair loss. The results are promising due to the natural appeal of stem cells, which some patients may prefer over artificial chemicals and topical ointments that may have unwanted side effects.

Two Studies Show How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Studies revealed promising baldness treatment by means of stem cells being turned into hair follicle cells, then transplanting them into problem areas on your scalp. Traditional hair replacement surgery usually requires the surgeon to get hair follicles from other areas of the body or head, and transport them to areas where thinning hair or baldness occurs. Stem cell therapy eliminates the need for highly invasive surgeries and the removal of tissue from another part of your body.

In one stem cell therapy, adult human skin cells are genetically modified to create an epithelial stem cell, a type of stem cell that is responsible for the life of hair follicles. Scientists tested this on mice and found that the cells produced hair shafts. Epithelial cells are crucial to hair growth, so when they die, you lose your hair. When hair loss occurs, you lose both epithelial cells and dermal papilla, which is another kind of cell for hair growth. Without it, you cannot fully regrow your hair. Another study found that injecting dermal papilla-like cells under the back of the skin of rats resulted in new hair growth from existing hair follicles.

An Alternative to Stem Cell Treatment

QR678 treatment is another alternative to conventional stem cell therapies for baldness and hair loss. It is an exclusive form of hair therapy offered in India by two distinguished and top physicians after four years of advanced and thorough hair research. The treatment is found to be more reasonably priced than hair transplant surgery and it is proven to be effective, without any side effects.

This hair loss therapy is able to address the common problems that lead to male and female pattern baldness: the loss of epithelial cells and hair follicles. QR678 growth injections releases growth factors into the scalp to stimulate the follicular epithelium cycle, so hair follicles and develop once more.

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