How does an oil refinery work? Three stages of refining!

Posted by HelenaNelson on November 13th, 2021

Unrefined liquid petroleum is referred to as crude oil, which is composed of multiple hydrocarbons. During the refining process, crude oil is transformed into numerous other components used for different purposes. Refinery of the future is considered safe and profitable. The reason is that refineries are changing in the long run. Additionally, Refinery of the future lies in its growth and development in the future years. Let\'s know the three main phases involved in oil refining.

?     Separation.

The first and foremost step involved in oil refining is the separation of molecules as per their molecular weight. This process is separated via atmospheric distillation. The oil is heated to about 350-400 °C in the distillation column to execute the process. As the vaporization takes place, the heavier molecules settle down, whereas the vapors rise in the column. Then vapors convert into liquid and are then collected on the tray.

?     Conversion.

As these are heavier elements involved in the process, they are further broken into lighter ones. Then, with the help of a catalyst, the step is performed at 500°C. Almost 75% of compounds are broken into gasoline, diesel and gas. However, this process needs to be simple to reduce the cost of conversion.

?     Treating.

The last phase of oil refining is treating that includes removing corrosive molecules. This will not only improve the quality of air but also enhance the effectiveness of the process. To make the process profitable, the future Refinery must cope with the advancing market conditions.

Wrap up!

Each of the products obtained from oil refining has its specific uses. Some of the products are used as fuels, jet fuel, pave roads or lubricants. To make a good and high pay Refinery of the future, companies should shift from one product to another as per the price trends. As more and more new ways are adopted, we are pretty sure that Refinery of the future is efficient and sustainable. 

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