Top Action Toys of all Time in the World

Posted by GoWowToys on May 2nd, 2016

Toys are not simply for the young—even adults like action toys, especially those that are worthy of collecting. One of the most popular action toys of all time in the world is the Transformers. First created in the 80’s in Japan, these action toys of automobiles and other vehicles transforming into robots are now popular worldwide. The toy line was such a bit hit that it gave north to its own animation series and even a couple of Hollywood movies. Aside from action figures, Transformers also come as bot shots action toys. Bot shots are a lot like rock-paper-scissors, except that you use toys instead of your hands. To keep up with the times, Transformers bot shots now even have an online platform where players can battle.

When it comes to top action toys of all time, Star Wars is another leader. The Star Wars franchise released its first movie in the 70’s, followed by merchandise, including action toys. You can find popular action toys depicting popular characters like the lead Luke Skywalker and even villains like Darth Maul. Aside from the characters, Star Wars is also popular for its amazing aerial vehicles. Kids can play with fighter pods to battle each other.

Another top action toy is Beyblades, which was developed from a Japanese manga series. They are now some of the best-selling toys in the world. What are Beyblades, exactly? Think of them as spinning tops from the future. The Beyblade series came out in the late 90’s and the anime adaptation came to North America in the early 2000’s. Beyblades can be played alone, but the main game is to battle it out in an arena with other players. A game can be played with more than just one opponent. The arena can hold many Beyblades and whoever has the last top spinning is declared the winner.

Spy gear toys are also in the top spots of the bestselling action toys of all times. One such favorite is the lie detector kit. Kids can pretend to be detectives and would-be criminals and make use of the items in the lie detector kit, such as a handbook, response tracking paper, and a finger sensor. These kits help children develop analytical skills while keeping them active, and can be excellent alternatives to video games.

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