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Posted by Denizli peshtemal on May 2nd, 2016

Turkish Towels are better known as peshtemals. A peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel which is used in the Turkish baths. It is also used to indicate which region people are from and it is also a part of a deep cultural tradition. These peshtemals are available in different styles, shade, size, material, design and color in each local area of Turkey.

 It absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel & dries very quickly. It takes less space & it is easy to carry. That is why it is used as an alternative to the towel in pools, bathrooms, spas, beaches, sports facilities and for baby care. The peshtemal fabric is made of 100% cotton or linen and is produced in manually operated looms in Turkey.

It is approx. 80cm x 180cm in size i.e. dependent on design. It presents many benefits, such as – lightweight, fast drying, easy to travel with, eco-efficient & takes up less room in washing machines, increased softness after each wash, space-saving, versatile in use and much more.

 It can be used as a traditional bath or beach towel, as a shawl, a scarf, a wrap for a baby, a table or chair cover, as a picnic rug, an all-purpose gym towel for yoga, workouts etc., a throw at the end of a bed or couch, for massages and much more.

 There are lots of peshtemal towels wholesale suppliers. These suppliers provide the best service to its customers. They offer the facility of fast home delivery. They have innovative, creative & dedicated designers who have great imagination power & can think out of the box. They always try to manufacture Turkish Towels of different pattern and try to improve their services all the time. That is why they have great customer satisfaction. They assist their customers to select the best option in their budget. Some Peshtemal manufacturers manufacture the extra large size towels (100cm x 180cm / 39in x 71in) which helps to cover the body as a whole.

Bulky, big and slow to dry towels are horrible during travel. So, Turkish Beach Towels are perfect in that scenario. They are thin, skin friendly, soft on your skin, cover you up fully with high absorbency power. Its size is too large, so soft and thin that you can tie it in different style also. It is very comfortable too and are available in affordable & reasonable price.

You can purchase these towels online via these websites. These websites also guide you how to drape it in a different style. These styles give you adorable, modern, smart and a bold personality look and you will become an eye-catching personality on the beach. You will surely rock on the beach by using trendy draping styles.

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