How I Dealt with Negative Feedback to Write My Dissertation? Student’s View

Posted by Jason Roy on November 15th, 2021

Dissertation is a lengthy paper, so many students ask, ‘Who can write my dissertation UK. If you want to write the paper on your own, you have to devote not only days but also months to complete it. 

In this case, when you go for submission and your professor criticizes your work, then what would you do? Most of you would feel very bad. You will think the professor is deliberately saying bad about the dissertation. You may feel demotivated rather than taking the negative feedback positively. 


But whoever takes the criticism positively for dissertation writing, can improve the paper amazingly. Today, you will come to know how to deal with negative feedback about the dissertation based on a student’s view. Scroll down to know the solution.


1. Ready with Active Planning


You must be clear that your professor can criticize your dissertation. If you are ready with this thought, the negative feedback will not harm you a lot. For this type of preparation, you need to focus on three points.


  • Reactive: When you will listen to the feedback, how you should react? If you know it, you will not affect by the feedback. 
  • Inactive: As the name implies, don’t react while your professor saying anything. Only nod when need, and say yes, when you think you need to. 
  • Preactive: This is the best way to handle the feedback. You should find the possibility where your professor can scold you or give negative feedback. Although this is quite difficult, you should try it.



2. Find Your Benefits


A professor knows what types of things are errors in the paper, so you should listen to him so that you can improve. Follow the below points to prepare in advance to handle the negative feedback. 


Errors Removal: If your professor is telling you about removing these errors, note down them. Try to analyze them before the submission.


Major Areas of Flaws: Where you can make mistakes, if you find out its major areas, you can reduce the level of errors in the paper.


Structural Mistakes: If your dissertation doesn’t look amazing, it means there are structural mistakes. The professor can find them easily so don’t ever make this mistake.



3. Control Your Emotions


No one wants to listen, bad about his hard work. Often, students can’t handle criticism under this situation, they feel overwhelmed due to feedback. In this situation, they should consider the below points.


  •  Important Comments: You should focus on the important points only because they help in the dissertation improvement. 


  •  Screened Focus: Your professor will indeed say some negative lines about the dissertation. So you should try to screen what he says to diminish the effect on you.


  •  Take a Break: Don’t ever start to reform the paper as soon as you come back home after getting feedback from the professor. Give at least 1-hour break to yourself.

Many students have to face negative feedback about the dissertation like you. So you should not demotivate. Focus on the above points and reform or resit the dissertation properly. In case, you feel so demotivated or lack time to write again, you can also ask ‘Who can write my dissertation UK?’ to expert writers.

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