Fulfillment Services For Footwear Brands: Important Consideration

Posted by Quick Shift on November 15th, 2021

To get your office out of your living room or garage to centers overseas, hiring the best third-party logistics for your footwear D2C brand in India becomes imperative. From managing seasonal hikes in your inventory to help you provide omnichannel fulfillment, you deserve a one-stop solution that is customized and aligned to your needs.

Finding the right 3PL fulfillment service for your footwear brand can be challenging because your business requirements are diverse and plenty. However, once you know what your brand and customers need when it comes to fulfillment, the task is no longer rocket science.

Fulfillment Service For Your Business: Important Considerations


You need to tick several checkboxes before you find the perfect fulfillment service match for your business. Given below are these considerations that you need to make to ensure you choose logistics that have the potential to grow your local brand into a global commercial label.

  1. Inventory Management - Is Automation In The Picture?

Footwear roughly makes up to 40% of the entire fashion industry. So, you won’t be competing with just other D2C brands. Stepping out in the market means standing neck-to-neck with huge, household B2B footwear manufacturers who have been in the game for over decades or even centuries. And preparedness is the most primary thing you want in your fulfillment service.

Preparedness to manage your product and stocks, i.e., your inventory. Your growing business will eventually lead to an increased SKU complexity. Unless you have automation backing your inventory and warehouse management system, fulfilling orders will be your biggest challenge.

Real-time updates on your inventory levels, timely alerts for restocking, automated warehouse picking, etc., is what we’re looking at here. The world of e-commerce is changing every day, and you need to have the best tech support to get your brand ahead of others.

  1. Experience Of The Logistics Provider

Knowing the expertise of the eCommerce fulfillment services in India is an important consideration so that you choose the one that understands your brand. For example, you can’t select an F&B (Food and Beverage) fulfillment service provider to cater to a footwear business. The reason being fulfillment requirements vary with different industries and niches.

To get the most out of your 3PL fulfillment service provider, ensure that they are experts in fulfillment and have a solid record of experience in their work.

  1. Fleet Management

A fulfillment service without fleet management is like a business without a customer. You don’t want to knock on different doors for various aspects of order fulfillment. Therefore, an all-in-one provider like QuickShift fulfillment is highly recommended to have an organized strategy for inventory and fleet management.

The latter is as crucial as keeping a tab on your stock levels. With advanced fleet management for your footwear brand, you can ensure proper supply chain management, vehicle licensing and compliance, accident and driver management, vehicle telematics, etc.

  1. Integration Is The Key

It’s not just about having all things under one roof, but more about having them connected. Communication among different technologies is as important as that between people. Only when your software can collaborate can you use them to their full potential and capabilities.

For example, you can reach another level of order fulfillment when your sales channel and warehouse are connected. If your customer gets updates of your stock levels SKU-wise, when their favourites shoes are coming back, etc., they can plan their purchase instead of finding another seller.

The top eCommerce fulfillment companies in India offer logistics that provide complete integration solutions to enhance your business\' productivity.

  1. Sustainability

People are gradually getting more conscious regarding sustainability in eCommerce. Their ideal brands are the ones who keep nature before their profits and are cautious of the environment. Therefore, sustainable order fulfillment is the need of the hour.

With the top eCommerce fulfillment companies in India like QuickShift, you get to switch to environment-friendly practices like safe packaging, recycling, etc. Such sustainable steps help ensure compliance while impressing your customers.

  1. Cost-Efficiency & Flexibility

You need to look for affordability or at least reasonability in the hiring costs for these eCommerce fulfillment companies. Of course, the more advanced the services provided, the higher the costs. But you need to consider your requirements and how much tech support your business actually demands.

Moreover, you need to find a logistics provider who can customize their service for your business and offer flexibility so that the major chunks of your profit don’t go into their pockets.

  1. Scalability

Lastly, you need a fulfillment service provider who offers scalability. They need to be able to modify their strategies as your business grows and expands. If your logistics provider can handle fulfillment end-to-end during peak demands and when it comes down to the minimum, you know you’ve got the best fulfillment partner.

8.     Smooth Exchange And Return

When dealing with a large number of orders simultaneously, the orders might get mixed up. For instance, in the case of a footwear brand, the size delivered might be different from what was ordered. Or, the customer might want to return the item for some reason.

In such scenarios, QuickShift can be like a damsel in distress. They will help you to address exchange and return requests quickly and smoothly. An efficient and hassle-free exchange ensures happy and satisfied customers.


QuickShift fulfillment offers the best-in-class order fulfillment services for your footwear brand. With its warehouses and fulfillment centers all over India, you can guarantee next day delivery to your customers. Highly scalable, reliable, automated, and intelligent, its logistic solutions are affordable and customizable.

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