The Use of Digital Native and Technology

Posted by Atto Infotech on November 15th, 2021

We have been brought up in a world where technology seems to play an integral part in our everyday life. From waking up to the sound of an alarm clock, to commuting and checking our phones, technology is everywhere. We rely on the internet to such an extent that it is hard to Imagine a life without it. This makes us natives of the digital world or digital natives. I cannot pinpoint a date when everyone started to get familiar with technology. The adaptation was so natural and gradual but inevitable too. There are many savvy softwares as well such as the React Native Development Company in India, Javascript Company in India. However, apart from the React Native Development Company in India, there are many others too, but the React Native Development Company in India have a tendency of doing more rather than php, java etc. But, technology is also used in other sectors.

Our education system itself involves the usage of technology that everything has to be searched on the internet. While making notes we prefer typing over writing and visit different libraries online to search for content on diverse topics. We use Whatsapp and google hangouts for communicating with friends. We are so dependent on digital gadgets that without them we will not be able to navigate through our lives at all. Therefore. I feel that proper education about technology and digital forums is necessary in schools as it will help educate the students about altering the Education System. The education system needs to be greatly altered: we are working on a system that does not have enough tools for today\'s generation. The generation has advanced a lot, thanks to the technology made available to them. Therefore, I believe that the education system for us is insufficient, as life of digital natives is drastically different and contrasting to the education system designed for them.

But the negative of this is, to start with, technology has the power to destroy everything as much as it had the power to create. While the ideal world is one where everyone leads an easy lifestyle, look around, that does not exist in reality. Human mind’s greed combined with technology has proved disastrous over and over again. Wars became scarier and let’s go back to the 1945 Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident to prove that. Though not so much a catastrophe, the mighty Internet has ruined lives as much as it helped them. There are a lot of traps that go unnoticed and in this era where it is easily accessible to anyone, a lot of lives, especially children are being victims of cyber crime. Nature is also getting affected and the increase in calamities might be nature\'s way of responding to the harm done to it. Pollution, deforestation and depletion of the water table, all of these are perils known to us and yet we choose to ignore them. Apart from this, the fundamental ethics of humans get influenced and damaged everyday as they turn into puppets in the hands of technology.

A few alterations are that probably digital natives are much more impatient due to instant gratification. Our education system is created by educators who are digital immigrants having a different perspective from the students who are digital natives. This difference creates a barrier adversely affecting the teaching-learning process and needs to be understood in order to design a system which suits both teachers and students best.





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