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Posted by Brian Miller on May 2nd, 2016

Whether you are located in Whiltshire or Oxfordshire or in the surrounding regions, you will require asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire and asbestos surveys Oxfordshire to be conducted as per the regulations and legislations of Health and Safety Executive. However, the important thing is to get it done by a UKAS-accredited contractor who has good experience in undertaking surveys and analytics of building containing asbestos. Every step is required to be taken as per the rules set by HSE. This isn’t the foray of amateurs. Only professionals with the required minimum qualification can be a part of teams that conduct surveys and analyse the presence and effect of ACMs.

Why hire experts for asbestos surveys and analysis?
Not only are they trained, skilled, qualified and equipped to tackle the adverse effects of asbestos, but they are also licensed by HSE to act as contractors offering a number of services. This includes surveys, analytical work, management and consultancy services and project management asbestos removal. As surveyors for management, refurbishment and demolition, a service provider needs to be UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17020. If the same contractor offers analytical services then they need to be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 which allows them to undertake four-stage clearances and certificates of re-occupation.

Benefits of asbestos surveys Oxfordshire
A licensed contractor with the above mentioned accreditation can conduct asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and in any location which comes under their area of operation. With the health hazards of working with asbestos containing materials, it is very important that all buildings constructed or refurbished before the year 2000 and any other non domestic premises get a full survey done keeping in mind the safety of people working in these premises. For the management or refurbishment or demolition of any ACM containing building, conducting an accurate and comprehensive survey is very important.

Benefits of asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire
A four-stage clearance and air monitoring can be done as a part of a comprehensive survey. Services such as asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire can be availed by commercial and domestic premises owners as a part of their duty towards the occupants, employers or others living with them. An analyst has a very important role to play. They complete site clearance certification and it is based on their reports that a certificate of reoccupation can be issued once the HSE notifiable removal of ACMs is followed. Any kind of analysis can be done by the experts because they are fully competent and highly qualified to do so. Apart from this a background, reassurance, personal and leak air monitoring are also conducted. Clients can also request for smoke test to be doubly sure. The four-stage clearance includes initial check of site condition and completion of job, with the help of visual inspection, clearance indicator air sampling for the certificate of reoccupation and final appraisal after enclosure and dismantling of work area.

All surveyors are required to be accredited and licensed by the UKAS and HSE and this is what makes their services extensive, accurate and effective. Ensuring the safety of people residing or working in ACM containing buildings and premises is the duty of the owners. Thanks to expert licensed contractors asbestos surveys Oxfordshire or asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire or in the surrounding areas can be done following the HSE regulations.

Hire a licensed contractor for conducting asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire to access and analyse asbestos management or removal.


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