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Ayurvedic cleansing is a traditional method of purifying your body by eliminating all the toxins and thus protecting it against diseases.

As per Ayurvedic principles, there are three doshas called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which are formed from the combinations of five elements, Vayu, Prithvi, Jala, Teja, and Aakasha.

The overall well-being of the body is maintained when there is a proper balance between the three doshas. An imbalance in these doshas leads to various ailments.

In order to get rid of all the toxins accumulated in the body and restore balance, cleansing of the body is required.

Ayurvedic cleansing is holistic as it involves body, mind, and soul. It eases the burden on our systems that have overworked, nourishes them, allowing them to recuperate. It helps you restore mental calmness and harmonizes the body and mind. It is also essential to rejuvenate and energize the cells in your body. It boosts the immune system, making the body strong to fight against infections.

The different body cleansing techniques followed in Ayurveda are:

? Panchakarma therapy

? Udwarthanam

? Sirodhara

? Abhyangam

? Chavutti Thirummal

? Snehapanam

? Ksheera dhoomam

Ayurvedic Detox Treatments In Kerala, mainly incorporates the Panchakarma therapy, which consists of five processes, by which, the toxins from the body are eliminated effectively.

Your body becomes weak during the Kapha season, towards the end of winter, and the beginning of spring, due to the accumulation of toxins, caused by:

? Damp and cold winter, on account of which, your activity levels go down

? Cravings for creamier, richer foods, especially animal proteins and dairy.

? Holiday, food, drink, and partying, due to which, you do not get adequate sleep and your body\'s rhythm gets disrupted

The simple signs that suggest your body needs Ayurvedic cleansing are:

Weight gain

Your metabolism tends to slow down, when there is an accumulation of toxins in the body. This may result in weight gain. The body starts expanding its fat cells to absorb the toxins and thus prevents them from reaching the vital organs. The body becomes unable to remove the fat cells. Even by following a proper eating regime, it is difficult to reduce body weight.

Fatigue and tiredness

When you wake up in the morning, you do not feel excited for the day, and by evening, you are drained out.

Body aches

When an excessive amount of toxins build up in your body, fever and inflammation may occur due to the excess heat generated by the body. This can result in body aches which are an indication of the need for Ayurvedic cleansing.

Feeling low emotionally

When you find it difficult to focus at work, feel low without an obvious cause, and easily get depressed, you must consider a body detox. body. Insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness are all signs that you need cleansing.

Inadequate Sleep

If you are not able to sleep continuously at night, or you have a light and restless sleep, you must think about Ayurvedic cleansing. Due to lack of adequate sleep, you lack energy on waking up and your muscles and joints feel stiff and painful.

Skin issues

Dry, flaky, lustreless, patchy skin indicates that you need to detox. Breakouts or rashes are also signals.

Stomach Bloating

When toxins deposit in the body, bowel movements may become irregular which might result in constipation or stomach bloating as well as indigestion problems. All these signs are indicators that it is time for a body cleanse. Bowels need seasonal detox, particularly after the rich foods of winter.

Coating around the tongue

A thick white coating around the tongue is a sign that there is an accumulation of toxins in the body. A slightly wet pinkish-red coloured tongue with smooth uniform edges indicates good health.

Bad breath

Bad breath is an indication that your body needs Ayurvedic cleansing. Bad odour points to toxins accumulated in the body.

Minor but constant shift towards imbalance

Sudden appearance of acne, rash, or boil on the skin, sneezing, small dry cough, dry skin, wrinkling, sudden thinning of hair, dull hair are all signs that there is an excess of toxins inside the body.

Extreme tiredness after a meal

A healthy diet should make you feel energized and refreshed. However, if you feel lethargic, even after having a wholesome nutritious diet, it means that the body is unable to digest the food properly and the undigested matter is being converted into toxins.

If your body shows any of the above signs, get ready! It\'s time to detox! The spring cleansing period will prepare you for the year ahead.

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