How to Make Your E-commerce Business Eco Friendly

Posted by Nadia Winget on November 18th, 2021

As an entrepreneur, you may think that making your business eco-friendly is not a big deal, but it should be. Environmental responsibility has never been more important than in today\'s world. There are so many ways to make your small e-commerce business eco-friendly, so let’s go through some of the best methods for doing so.

Many home-based or small businesses such as those that sell sarees online in Sri Lanka or even stationery online in Sri Lanka, are into e-commerce these days, but it is important to make it more eco-friendly in order to reduce your carbon footprint and to ensure that the environment is safe.

The main way of making your small online shop more eco-friendly would be by using renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines on top of your roof, in terms of your manufacturing plant or office area. This will make sure that all the power used during production runs comes from clean water and air resources instead coal plants.

Other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is by:

-      Using eco-friendly packaging materials when you send your products out.

-      Recycling all the waste materials that you produce (e.g. paper, plastic etc.).

-      Using recycled or recyclable products like glass and metal instead of wood and plastic in your business processes.

-      Only printing what is absolutely necessary during production runs since printers tend to be one of the biggest electricity users for a home-based ecommerce business owner. You can also email any invoices and receipts to customers rather than sending them printed versions of it to reduce usage of paper.

-      Finally buying only those items which are made by companies who use sustainable practices such as fair-trade goods, organic cotton clothes, handmade items etc so that you are also buying eco-friendly products.

It is very important that your small or even larger e-commerce store has as less environmental impacts from its operations as possible because if we continue doing what we\'re doing right now, our planet is doomed. So why wouldn\'t you want to make sure it stays green?

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