How to Grow Organic Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website Using SEO

Posted by Nadia Winget on November 18th, 2021

Increasing organic traffic is to optimize for search users. You must take the proper approach to current SEO that will be extremely beneficial for your E-commerce website.

Why is SEO important for eCommerce websites? The simple answer is that organic traffic can be a very powerful way to drive sales and revenue. In fact, the average order value of customers who found your site through search engines is far higher than those from other sources. Every business should have an interest in growing their organic traffic, but it\'s especially important for e-commerce websites because they face stiff competition on Google Shopping results pages as well as product-specific searches.

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, over 70% of consumers perform online research before making purchases offline or online, so having effective SEO strategies will help you capture more leads and close them into paying customers.

Create a keyword list

Creating a list of highly relevant keywords is a great place to start when it comes to organic traffic growth. This is the focus of keyword research, which can be done using free tools or through paid services that have access to more accurate data.

You can find highly relevant keywords by using free tools like Google Keyword Planner or by using paid services that have access to more accurate data or even by using a combination of free and paid tools.

Knowing what keywords your audience is searching for will allow you to create a blog post title, meta description, page content that targets the needs of your visitors.

Keyword research is necessary when it comes to organic traffic growth on an eCommerce website because knowing which words or phrases people are typing in their search bar allows you to create a relevant copy on product pages or blog posts. This way you\'ll be able to connect with potential customers while also improving SEO. Moreover, you can seek professional advice from recognized SEO companies in Sri Lanka.

Identifying the keywords that are most relevant to your product or service is extremely important.

So, how do you identify keywords that are most relevant to your product or service? There are many free and paid tools that you can use, but the best way is by using a combination of both. Google\'s Keyword Planner tool allows you to see how often keywords have been searched for as well as what other advertisers may be bidding on those terms. The more difficult part is knowing if those users who search for these highly relevant keywords will actually purchase from your website.

Optimize your website for those keywords

Optimizing your website using the keywords you have found is the next step. You should use the keywords throughout your website, not just in titles and headings but also within content pages. It is important to keep these keywords close together as often as possible using them several times per paragraph or page if you can. This helps Google understand what your site is about more specifically by giving it multiple indicators of those terms on a single web page.

Optimizing the website in this manner can help you improve your rankings in the search results for those keywords. It will also help visitors to understand what a page is about more quickly which can lead them to stay on that website and become a customer.

Optimizing your site using this type of SEO does not have any negative effects, it just means you are making sure everything Google looks at when ranking websites is illustrated with these terms as frequently as possible.

As mentioned above there is no harm done by optimizing sites through content pages or posts however if you don\'t do it then someone else might too. It is also advisable to consult an SEO services company in Sri Lanka or a company known for E-commerce SEO services in order to be educated regarding this specific area.

Add content on social media

Adding content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to increase awareness of your brand and products is definitely very important. Using social media to increase awareness of your brand on the internet is a great way to reach customers.

Social media channels are important because they can be used for marketing purposes, gathering data about customer interests and needs, growing awareness of your business or product, among other things. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows companies to publish content that will appear in front of people who may not have otherwise heard about them. If you do it correctly then everyone using these services has seen at least one piece of advertising from an eCommerce store. So, this means more organic traffic coming through which helps with SEO rankings too.

Use Google Analytics to find out what people are searching for

You can track and measure what people are searching for when they land on your website in Google Analytics. This can help you understand what customers want and need to know about your products or services so that you can improve the site content, SEO rankings, etc.

Perform monthly SEO audits with the help of a professional company like SEMrush

Performing a monthly audit of the website can help you stay ahead of the game in terms of SEO rankings. SEMrush is a great hosting platform that can help you do this quickly and easily without much effort or expense.

These audits can help you figure out what content is working and what isn\'t which can help you fix any issues that might be holding the website back from reaching its SEO potential.

If you\'re tired of seeing your organic traffic dwindle, it\'s time to start focusing on SEO. This is the most cost-effective way to get more website visitors that will convert into sales and grow your online business.

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