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Qatar could rent loud followers to get overdue hosts, 4,000 followers will stay in floating hotels while settler construction workers must leave. Sports mail discloses what the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be like. One year out from the big kick-off and Qatar is now looking to excerpt every ounce of allure from the Qatar World Cup on which it has lavished an estimated £5.3billion.

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Neymar’s image endorses the Qatar National Bank on every staircase and walkway in the Metro station at the Lusail Stadium, where the final will be held. Robert Lewandowski topographies conspicuously in the state-owned airline’s latest care video. Qatar ambassador David Beckham is foretold to be in heavy promotional mode when he spreads here for the Qatar Grand Prix\'s next stay.

Qatar still has a long way to go for next year\'s Qatar World Cup as exposed by the Lusail Stadium

The sun is violent as an Indian worker we will call Hamad skulls out to the JCBs at the site of the Lusail Stadium, with two others. Their unvarying tolerates the name of Land Worx, a Qatar-listed private company, for whom he assumes a daily routine which he details.

Up at 4 am to catch one of the convoys of buses which leaves his living compound at 5 am, reaching this site at 6 am. Work till sunset, beforehand another one-hour bus journey. He is back at the compound by 6 pm, 14 hours after his day began. He makes £10 a day the exact cost of two coffees at one of the new seats in the West Bay malls.

Qatar’s settler construction workers, now working around the clock in the huge structure site Doha has developed, have been told they necessity clear out of the republic by next August, so they will not be noticeable during the tournament build-up. Scores of workers told The Mail on Sunday that they are to be put on what is being named five months ‘lieu’ from then widely unspoken to mean voluntary leave with garden staff and cleaners amongst those allowable to stay when Qatar welcomes the world.

Refugee workers have been told to leave Qatar by August earlier the FIFA World Cup 2022

They have not clarified it to us but I have payments to kind and do not know how that can happen if we have to leave and delay to be called back,’ Hamad speaks. They haven’t said us the facts of this. As Hamad speaks, men in hi-vis jackets head across site foremen, it seems and the conversation breaks up. This occurs every time we speak to laborers. There is a sense of surveillance here. We receive one call while in Doha saying one of us has been recognized and asking what are we planning on reporting.

Individual payments Hamad describes are likely to be the ones he makes to the money-lenders back in India. Many laborers like him have occupied out £1,500 loans to fund a staffing fee they had to pay to work out here, founded on 12-month agreements. Some even vended land back home, to be here.For more to know about Qatar World Cup Tickets Click here.

We know that many laborers are inclined to pay thousands of dollars in unlawful staffing fees to secure their jobs in Qatar and take out high-interest loans to pay them. Those who will be made to permit the country could find themselves in huge obligation.

Qatar Supreme Committee for Transfer and Legacy, which is coordinating preparations for the Qatar FIFA World Cup, mentioned our questions on the involuntary departure of the workers to the Government Communications Office, as it supposed it did not have mistaken on this issue. The Government did not reply.

There is not much football legacy in the desert nation

With vast areas of Doha now dug up, there is a vast amount of work to achieve in the nine months to the leaving date. The Lusail Stadium sits in a sea of sand and will not form a slice of the Arab Cup, the FIFA World Cup test event, which thrills off on November 30.

The Government did not clarify why so abundant of this city is under dig, so near to the tournament, though nervousness about Doha’s drainage system seems to be a factor. There is very little rain here but it was chaos when nearly a year’s worth fell in one day, in October 2018. An inundating tricky during the Qatar World Cup would, of course, be a disaster.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 starts a year from Monday of next week, with the host nation kicking off at 1 pm. For a vision of how Qatar earnings to pack in all the followers at the contest, you need to make a straight half-hour drive from the £443million Al Janoub Stadium, the most southern of the eight tournament sites. Out in the desert, just outside the chemical works, the electric substation and the gas plant of the Sealine Beach Road, are the tent sites where rich Qataris head to fire up the grills, ride camels and live out the old Bedouin habits.

He speaks the price is already £150 a night, counting breakfast. Fast food options a motley group of mobile food leads is now very limited, though fun possibilities include camel riding, paintballing, a zip wire, and five-a-side terrains.

It is supposed that a more mass-market form of the desert experience will be going up ample further north, near the finished Al Bayt stadium. There’s no sign of that trendy. But it is expected that two tented villages will house between 10,000 and 15,000 visitors each. Glastonbury and the Coachella centenary in California have not observed whether they have obtainable advice to Qatar on how to create the amenities.

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