Understanding Patio Umbrellas - Knowing Which One is Right for You

Posted by Shadowspec on May 3rd, 2016

The patio umbrella is a functional and attractive addition to your outdoor living space. It will shade you and your guests from the sun's harmful rays while minimizing the impact of the heat as you enjoy your outdoor activities. There are different types of patio umbrellas for sale, so you need to take time to consider your needs and the features of the products before you settle on the one that is right for you. Here are some tips that can help you understand patio umbrellas better to allow you to make an informed decision and choose the best patio umbrella to suit your needs:

  • The umbrella's diameter is not necessarily equal to its shade diameter – Patio umbrellas usually come as offset and freestanding models, and their sizes can range from six to 13 feet. Buy something that is too small and you get only partial coverage. On the other hand, an umbrella that is too big for your patio will look too intrusive. Hence the need to be sure to measure your area and the patio table or outdoor setting first before deciding on the best size. An umbrella with a diameter of six feet is almost half the diameter of a 11 feet patio umbrella yet can provide much less than half the area of shade
  • The larger the umbrella, the more robust the support must be – If you are buying a freestanding patio umbrella to go through the center of your table, be sure that it can fit the hole at the center of your patio table and that the pole is neither too large nor too small. Large umbrellas require more support, so they will tend to have larger diameter poles. Alternatively, you may go for a cantilever umbrella that can be set up on the side, and protruding over the table. Some cantilever patio umbrellas systems can mount up to four umbrellas from one mast, and are constructed with a robust aluminum hub, brass bushes and neoprene washers to ensure the most durable construction.
  • Choose an umbrella with a mechanism that can make it easy to open or close – An easy-release system and patented single-movement sliding system allows effortless and efficient opening and closing, while gas strut technology balances the weight of the umbrella while being lowered or raised. No more troublesome winders and cables!
  • Determine the special features of the patio umbrella – Some umbrellas have been engineered and certified for windy conditions, with wind speeds up to 25mph. Consider a patio umbrella with a canopy that is made with high-quality acrylic fabric. A high quality acrylic fabric must be solution-dyed, colorfast, and offer high UV protection.


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