5 Amazing Technical Innovations In Recent Years In The World Of Printing

Posted by printingcenter on November 23rd, 2021

The most important event in printing history is the printing revolution. It is regarded as one of the essential turning points in humankind as a whole history. In terms of influence, the global propagation of ideas and knowledge was surpassed only by the Information Age emergency in the last three decades. The modern printing industry cannot produce an invention, and its significance would be analogous to the Gutenberg press. There are few technical innovations during the last decades that are worth mentioning. During the Industrial Revolution, advancements such as Offset Printing Company and during the latter half of the 20th century such as inkjet or laser pitting paved the way for many other technologies that are giving us a lot of benefits today. One of the lists is the novelties transforming the economies, the technical potential of Printing, and chemistry.


1. Technical printing Innovations

Following are the few innovations in recent years:

1.1 Remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges 

There is a way to replicate the OEM experience by reverse-engineering printer cartridges discovered by the Enterprising players and developing remanufactured and compatible versions of them.

The cartridges known as “remanufactured” are refilled with suitable ink replacements and then reassembled. On the other hand, compatible ink cartridges are manufactured products produced by a third party instead of the original manufacturers. The introduction of these kinds of products has been a definite boon to all the consumers who have been awaited more economical options to be produced.

1.2 Biodegradable printer inks

In 1973, the first biodegradable inks were developed in the U.S. It was formed during the start of the Arab Oil Embargo crisis. These types of inks contain non-edible vegetable oil instead of the derived petroleum oils in conventional ink products.  It means that these inks excrete less harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds that have been shown to have long-term, compounding the health effects on a human being. Direct thermal printers don’t use any ink and are used for invoice printing

1.3 Ultraviolet radiation-curable inks

In the 1960s, UV radiation-curable inks are mainly used today in the lithography printing, packaging, and manufacturing industries. Ultraviolet tradition can help to cure the ink by creating a photochemical reaction that speeds up the ink drying process.

It is the high-speed process to print with UV radiation-curable inks, and it does not involve using any factor like high temperature and solvents. Instead of evaporation, their reliance on polymerization for curing makes this ink more environmentally friendly than the traditional inks since fewer pollutant emissions production and less energy is used in the process.

1.4 Conductive inks

Conductive ink is one of the most recent printing innovations that can change the future of the printed medium. These inks consist of conductive materials such as silver nanoparticles that give them the ability to conduct electricity. Plastic or paper can be the substrate surface, and applying the conductive ink on them helps create circuits that transmit electricity. To the printed medium, conductive ink gives new life by attaching the same kind of capacitive sensing technology available in modern devices like tablets, touchscreen displays such as calendar printing, etc.

1.5 3D Printing

One of the most famous printing innovations that has gained much appreciation in recent years is 3 D printing. It is the type of Printing that allows someone to manufacture with the help of computer design or 3 D scanning technology. It is a three-dimensional object from a file of digital. In this type of Printing, the most commonly used inks are polymers materials, in which the printer deposits layer by layer through the process that is known as additive manufacturing. Finally, the process of laying successive plastic strata is completed for the production of the final object. We can use 3 D printing for magazine printing.


The boundlessly evolving sector in the printing industry will continue to experience new kinds of innovations in the future. Moreover, it becomes more stringent with the market regulations and the consumer becoming more aware of the need to reduce their ecological footprint. These environment-related developments will probably be one of the mainstays of this drive. Still, many challenges have to be solved and many other opportunities to explore—all we can do to expect enterprisingly printing companies and creative individuals to meet them head-on.


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