Choosing a Paint Color? Use this Secret Weapon

Posted by Cate Griffing on November 23rd, 2021

I get it, picking a paint color can sometimes flat-out stink. It\'s stressful and frustrating. And when you are unfamiliar with paint colors, it can be such a challenging task. Alas, I have a secret weapon you have to use that will guarantee a paint color will look good in your home.

PAINT SAMPLES! Yes, paint samples. 

Now, let\'s get one thing straight, first and foremost you will have to choose colors, to begin with. But that\'s ok because everyone naturally gravitates to certain colors. So my advice, pick no more than four colors.

Once you have those 4 colors you are going to use my secret weapon to find out which of those paint colors will work best in your home.

Grab 4 paint samples of the colors you choose. And not the small paint chips, the sample of the actual paint color. 

Now, I know this is where people tend to shy away, they figure why buy the post paint samples when they can just use the small free paint chips?

I\'m here to tell you that those small paint chips are not a true representation of the actual paint color. Those paint chips are dyed to look like the paint color They aren\'t painted. 

Yes, you will get a sense of what the color is from the chip but you aren\'t seeing the real paint color. Also, those paint chips are so tiny, you can barely see them.

This is why buying small paint samples is the secret weapon to picking a paint color. You get to see what the real color looks like. 

Think about it, spending a little extra upfront to test the paint colors will save you from making a very costly and time-consuming painting mistake.

Do yourself a favor and test paint samples. I promise it is worth it in the long run!

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