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Posted by Atto Infotech on November 24th, 2021

Software and programming comes hand in hand. And anyone who wants to build a career in IT, they should know how to code and have enough knowledge about it. If you are a beginner then learning C/C++ would be the best way to get a clear vision about POP and OOP. Computer Science has been tremendously in demand as in jobs, knowledge and even in passion. It is truly an interesting subject for those who love to solve problems, have logical thinking ability and for a person who loves to use gadgets. It is not easy to sit in front of a laptop for hours and hours. It takes so much patience, concentration and more importantly “the will”. Everything a person does, regardless of the field or any work, it is the will that keeps them moving forward in that field.

For a tech student or a Computer science geek, it is important that they know what they do and how, basically they have to understand everything in a deeper sense of knowledge, and hence, the learning is never done. A computer science fresher would Google how to print a statement in a coding language and so does the Professional Computer scientist, would Google out something a bit more complex. Things in Computer science are never ending. Now let’s focus on one of the most used technical languages across India.

AngularJs is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating web applications. There are three popular versions of Angular to date. The AngularJs Advantage

  • Support for single page application
  • These cubes are called \"multiples\" in angular. The application code is divided into several reusable modules. Example: Deferred Charge
  • Short and efficient coding
  • Compare a less complex Javascript
  • We can combine with other frameworks
  • High performance
  • Support horizontal development

Career Prospect :

  1. According to a payscale.com survey, the average salary of a front-end developer / engineer with angular JS skills in India is Rs 425,863 per year. The salary experience for these AngularJS developer jobs can seriously affect.
  2. According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Survey, 36.9 percent of web engineers apply AngularJS and Angular 2+ (newer versions of AngularJS) to develop the web and create user interfaces.\
  3. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics UU. He announced that the unemployment rate for US developers fell to 0.7 percent in 2014, well below the 2.7% rate for all IT jobs. In addition, the hiring rate for a web developer job has increased.

AngularJs Training in India

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