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Posted by Mangilal Goyal on November 24th, 2021

Rat Poison - Shop Rodenticides with Fast and Free Delivery including Ratshot, Contrac and Ditrac. Free Expert Advice on Rodent Control.

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Business DIY Rodent Control Bundle

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Rodent Control Bundle Includes:

  • Ratshot Blue Rodenticide Blocks 8kg
  • 12 x Ratshot Locked Bait Stations Medium

Ratshot Blue Rodenticide Blocks 8kg

Ratshot Blue Rodenticide Blocks are a scientifically developed all weather wax block. Ratshot Blue Rodenticide Blocks are deadly on Rats and Mice while reducing the risk of primary and secondary poisoning in dogs, cats, chickens, birds of prey and livestock.

Features & Benefits

  • Less hazardous for Dogs-
    5x less toxic than Bromadioline
    200x less toxic than Brodifacoum
    2.5x less toxic than Warfrarin
  • Can be used in DAMP/DRY, HOT/COLD conditions
  • Inbuilt Mould & Fungi Inhibitors
  • Lower Toxicity -much lower in toxicity when compared to other 2ndgeneration anti-coagulants
  • Less toxic to pets and birds
  • Extensive formulation research and development
  • Flavour Enhanced
  • Nutrient Boosted

Ratshot Locked Lockable Bait Station Medium

Ratshot Locked Bait Stations offer a number of important design features and are built to last, using high quality UV plastic for our conditions, you can expect them to keep on working hard for you for many years indoors and out making them a great investment for safety, control and your back pocket.


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