5 Benefits of Dynamics 365 Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on November 24th, 2021

As we all know, it can be overwhelming to fill endless forms, wait for a long time, and get no satisfactory answers to the queries as a customer. But have you ever thought that the employees who need to manage the flow of the application process could also get frustrated?

Today\'s digital transformation and advancements in cloud technology has enabled you to digitalize the customer support process. Also, portals can make the management process even better. Your employees can connect with your customers, view, and manage their data. Data like orders, transactions, queries, etc that can help the employee to know the customer\'s problem more precisely. It makes customers satisfied and enables agencies to work with better efficiency.

This process needs a solution that is efficient and easy to use. That is where Dynamics 365 CRM Portal comes in for help. It makes the task of managing accounts, documents, cases, schedules, and order sheets absolutely seamless! Also, it not only processes your database but also keeps all the customer records in detail.

Let us check out some of the benefits of the Dynamics CRM Portal:

  • Easily Configurable & User-Friendly

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal extends the basic functionality of MS Dynamics CRM and makes it all-inclusive. It provides organized and stacked elements apart from the compact layouts. With the help of it, users can easily navigate the portal.

Now, let us talk about the configuration part. One can deploy Dynamics portal plugins rapidly. They are ready to use portals and will start running in a matter of a few minutes. You just need to sign into the system as an admin and follow the configuration steps.

  • Solve Problems Easily

As a business owner, your biggest goal must be to eliminate the time gap between the problems of your customers registered and fixing them. Here you can take the help of Dynamics CRM Customer Portal\'s ticketing system. With this, you can not only process your database but can also keep all the records in detail.

One of the significant advantages of this portal\'s ticketing system is that it allows CRM users to communicate with the customers without sending them long emails or calls. Your employees would also be able to manage cases, accounts, documents, and schedules with utmost ease and save plenty of time.

  • Dashboard with Power BI integration

The Dynamics Portal dashboard can fetch data from Power BI that helps significantly. How? It can provide you with the customer insights directly on the dashboard. It also has an intuitive user interface to offer seamless navigation. These customer data help you to get quick insights which in turn can help you to take action based on them. Power BI integration helps in improving the default portal\'s dashboard performance by which you can make use of this for better productivity.

  • SharePoint Integration for Document Management

The SharePoint integration makes it much easier for the admin to share documents internally with the employees directly from the Dynamics CRM portal. It also helps you collaborate seamlessly across the board. And collaboration on such native level in the same portal can enhance your workflow and bring more efficiency with transparency.

  • Keep Your Data Safe

If you have a business, then you would be well aware of how important data security is. And here, we are talking about security of your customer\'s data. The best part about this portal is that the customer data stays in your Dynamics CRM and it gets processed there itself. So, you will have no data leaks or breaches.

Final Thoughts

It is time to get over the traditional help desks or call centres. With all the above-mentioned benefits of the Dynamics 365 customer portal, it is sure that it will enhance the customer experience, and it will eventually bring more sales.

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