Top Mobile Advertising Trends to Look Out For In 2022

Posted by Stephen Taylor on November 24th, 2021

Mobile advertising space is changing fast with consumers spending more time on mobile devices resulting in increased shopping via mobile devices. Hence, brands are looking forward to adapting to these changing times and creating strategies to effectively serve the mobile-device obsessed consumer. Additionally, the pandemic has been playing a significant role in increasing the adoption of new mobile technologies and tools in advertising. There are multiple benefits of mobile marketing for brands, irrespective of the segment they operate in, including reaching out to new potential customers in a fast, and cost-effective manner. Brands following the mobile marketing best practices have hugely benefited in terms of revenues and profits. 

Industry experts predicting future marketing trends perceive that 2022 will experience many brands aggressively adopting and strengthening their mobile-first approach. They would be looking out for new tools and technologies like moLotus to cater to the trends.

Here are the major trends that will shape mobile advertising in 2022 and the key areas where brand marketers should focus :

1. Mobile Commerce to Grow Exponentially

Mobile commerce is likely to continue to experience exponential growth in 2022 as more and more consumers are using their mobile devices shopping online. Consequently, experts predict that m-commerce focussed advertising will take a significant share in the overall mobile advertising pie in 2022, and brand marketers need to embrace new-age advertising platforms like moLotus which assists mobile commerce in a big way. For instance, moLotus can accelerate the buyer’s journey by facilitating the buyers to easily purchase and convert the casual visitors into real customers. 

Experts predict that by the end of this year, mobile commerce sales will account for over half of total e-commerce sales. Also, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.6% to reach UStn by 2024. (Source: Statista) As more and more shoppers are getting comfortable and exploring mobile commerce, brands will have to focus on getting their strategies right to tap the new set of shoppers in 2022.

2. Mobile Video Ads Remain a Big Deal

For brand marketers, using video in mobile advertising has always directly helped in increasing marketing ROI. And, video ads have an even bigger advantage for brands. In 2022, they will be way more accessible and in-demand for customers than text due to rising smartphone penetration across the globe. 

Since the pandemic is still contributing loads of in-house time for potential customers, it’s no wonder that more than 75% of video consumption is happening on mobile devices. (Source: Insider Intelligence) Consumers, more than ever, prefer to throw on their headphones and watch videos on their mobiles.

As both video and mobile advertising become increasingly prevalent, 2022 will be the time brands must consider creating content in the form of high-impact mobile videos using innovative mobile ad platforms like moLotus. With the high impact video ads of up to 40 sec., moLotus is being perceived as the biggest driver of mobile video advertising in 2022 by the industry stalwarts.

3. Thrust on Personalized Communication

63% of consumers want brands to provide them with personalized recommendations.(Source: Accenture) In this New Normal, more and more consumers expect more tailored and personalized experiences. Ways of personalization are drastically changing with most customers staying indoors and preferring to purchase online. Brands are in the process of fine-tuning their mobile advertising strategy to embrace the upcoming personalization trends. In 2022 they are more likely to use the hyper-personalization capability of tools like moLotus to enhance mobile marketing efforts. Interestingly, moLotus is capable of tailoring the brand\'s message exclusively on customer name, contact number and other relevant customer info.

4. Innovation in Digital Offers

Incentivising loyal customers have been an age-old lucrative customer retention strategy for brands. However, innovations in mobile advertising have digitally transformed reward campaigns. In 2022, more brands would tempt their mobile addicted customers with digital offers. Brands are already using loyalty and reward campaigns powered by moLotus to motivate clients offering them coupons and discounts digitally. Interestingly, moLotus offers personalized mobile coupons and vouchers. 

moLotus’s breakthrough capabilities are expected to quickly replace the newspaper/print coupons with real-time personalized event-based digital vouchers and coupons in 2022. The reason is they are much cheaper & have faster distribution than printed ones along with a high response rate. These have reduced fraudulent usage significantly and brought in new levels of control, accuracy, and measurement for mobile advertisers to finally enhance campaign ROI. 

5. Emphasis on Real-time Brand-Customer Interaction

Real-time brand-customer interaction will be a huge focus for businesses in 2022. Undoubtedly, in this New World, the success of an ad lies in its interactivity. Surveys have revealed that interactive mobile ads with call-to-action buttons attract more customers than other advertisements. Therefore in 2022 more brands will resort to interactive mobile video ads enabled with advanced customer response options like SMS, call back, and more. Mobile video advertising platforms like moLotus offer such options in real-time and will become the choice of more brands in 2022. The platform is already assisting in striking a two-way real-time conversation through video ads followed by easy response options. 

6. Customized Mobile Campaigns

In the new world, customized ads have shown to be a remarkably effective way of cutting through marketing noise, delivering offers that meet consumers’ needs at just the right time. In 2020, customized mobile ads will prove to be extremely effective for brands planning to micro-target their audience. Brands are expected to rely on micro-targeting by using customer data – from basic demographics to online behaviors, attitudes, interests, and perceptions. moLotus mobile platform offers customized campaigns - targeting languages, demography, etc. In 2022, moLotus would be extensively used by them to leverage customer data at micro-levels.

7. Speedy 5G Adoption

With the adoption of 5G technology picking pace, brands are preparing to reach out to customers by bringing rich, data-heavy, interactive content experience, which was a constraint during the previous mobile technology. Furthermore, as more users will upgrade to the 5G technology in 2022, brand marketers have a chance to exploit the capabilities of this technology to their fullest. 

According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, in 2022, 5G smartphone subscription worldwide is expected to surpass the one billion mark. In addition,  faster internet will allow advertisers to employ high creative interactive ads to increase their campaigns’ efficiency Moreover, high-speed internet will also mean a massive uptake in video consumption, forcing advertisers to create strategies to cater to the rapidly changing consumer behavior. More advertisers are expected to adopt the moLotus mobile video advertising platform which is eying the emerging USD 1.7 Trillion digitalization and 5G opportunity. It works on all kinds of mobile phones including 5G phones.

8. Greater Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

The role of artificial intelligence is going to become more crucial as brands go deeper into mobile marketing trends in 2022. Futuristic tools like moLotus already leverage AI to collect consumer data, customer insights, buying behavior and make automated decisions to help brands achieve their marketing goals. 

Brands have been using various AI-based mobile technologies like moLotus to create highly personalized offerings to target potential customer segments. Many mobile advertisers firmly believe that most brands in 2022 will increase their ad spending on the AI-based moLotus platform to enhance customer experience and better understand their customers. 


2022 is expected to unfold new and unique opportunities for mobile advertisers in the form of tools like moLotus. With moLotus, brands will take the next big leap into consensual hyper-personalized interactions with their customers, leading to greater customer acquisition, revenue generation, customer retention, and cost-saving. Take your mobile advertising strategy to the next level in 2022!

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