Planning a 2nd Story Addition

Posted by Carpentry on November 24th, 2021

Organizing is the crucial when using on a undertaking that requires getting rid of your roof.

Prior to you strategy your 2nd tale, analysis what road blocks will need to be dealt with. Illustrations of products that need to have to be resolved are:

-Dimension of ceiling joists, can they assistance a 2nd tale ground?

-Are mechanicals run above the top of existing ceiling joists? (plumbing, Electric powered, HVAC)

-How much overhang is on present roof and are there any utilities mounted to it.

-Is the current roof stick constructed(developed on internet site) or a truss roof(manufactured).

-Is the roof sheathing 1x boards or plywood?

-How numerous levels of shingles are there?

-Are there any Stacks or flues protruding by means of the roof such as a fire chimney, furnace flue, or vent pipe.

These factors need to be regarded as so the addition can be developed as rapidly as possible.

When commencing the tearoff, the first point that requirements to be addressedis the soffit. Eliminating this initial will cost-free up the rafter ends when it comes time to get rid of them. Often utilities like the cellphone and electrical traces are attached to the soffit. These need to be moved by their respective utility organization.

Now you can tearoff the roof. The simplest way to Second floor addition remove the shingles and sheathing is with a round saw. It truly is very best to use an old blade with a lesser amount off enamel because it will be trash when you are carried out.

When chopping the roof away, commence at the ridgeboard and run the saw in between the rafters all the way to the rafter tails. Repeat this minimize every single 32\" from 1 end of the roof to the other. These parts, assuming they are plywood, can be taken off in 32\"x forty eight\" squares. There will nonetheless be some fat to these parts but this will make them much more managable. Working from the ridge, these squares are loosened with a sledgehammer. After there is enough space, you can use a prybar to cost-free them from the rafters. My favourite approach is to use a six to 8 foot 2x4. Slip it under the loosened piece and use an adjacent
rafter as a fulcrum. Drive down on the 2x4 and up comes the plywood and shingles. This identical method functions with trusses also.

If the roof sheathing is planks, the cuts need to be made 48\" to 64\"aside. If there are 2 or mre levels of shingles, you must be ready to roll these sections down the rafters.

When the roof sheathing is taken off, the relaxation of the elements canbe taken off. If the soffit and fascia haven\'t been taken out however, thisis an additional opportunity to do so. As soon as that is long gone the rafters can be taken out. The rafters can be detached from the ridgeboard by using a sledgehammer or a sawzall. Following they are free from the ridge, they can be twisted off the prime plate.

Trusses can be a small trickier. After the sheathing is taken off,most of the truss operate will have to be cut out. The only part remaining would be the base cord that holds up the drywall ceiling. Since most of these cords are 2x4\'s, bigger 2x lumber will have to be sistered together with for added help. As long as there are bearing walls under, this 2x lumber could be 2x10\'s, 2x12\'s or engineered lumber these kinds of as I-joists. Each situation is distinct and what is used is spect by an engineer or architect.

In most situations, the electrical (conduit), plumbing and/or HVAC operate more than the top of the ceiling joists. Usually, the least difficult way to deal with this, is to build a knee wall higher sufficient for the new flooring joists to clear these obstructions. This helps make the second flooring deck larger so it will make your stair operate lengthier. Creating confident you have room for the stairs in this instance is one more thought.

Once the deck is down, the walls, ceiling joists, and roof of your new addition can follow.

Whatever circumstance may well you have, excellent arranging will make this taskeasier and faster. Time is of the essence when it arrives to removing a roof. You want to shield the existing framework and all of your worthwhile possesions that are still left within.

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