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Posted by Liz Seyi on November 24th, 2021

The ImagePROGRAF name has long been synonymous with the high-quality and efficient printing made possible by Canon large-format printers – and now, four more models have broken cover.

More specifically, Canon Europe has ushered in the autumn by launching four wide-format printers making up the GP series. These include the 44-inch GP-4000 and the 24-inch GP-2000, which both use 10 colours, as well as the 36-inch GP-300 and the 24-inch GP-200, which use five colours. All four of these innovative printer variants also use fluorescent pink ink.

Excellent solutions for producing vibrant poster graphics

The arrival of these four Canon large-format printers offering five or 10 pigmented aqueous inks, along with fluorescent pink ink and three different printing widths, is well-timed as the UK and European retail, hospitality and leisure sectors continue their gradual recoveries from the pandemic.

Creative agencies, graphics producers and in-house printing departments serving businesses in the above industries are sure to appreciate the vivid colour reproduction that these GP series printers make possible.

This is a time when firms need to know that their promotional posters will grab the attention of potential customers for the right reasons, and a Canon ImagePROGRAF GP series printer can consistently help ensure that, print after print.

Equally impressive, however, is the ease of use, efficiency and productivity of these devices, as are also urgent priorities as the coronavirus recovery takes shape.

Formidable technological innovations and features on these up-to-the-minute printers

So, what enables these latest Canon large-format printers to achieve particularly high-impact graphical output, even compared to acclaimed previous offerings from the Japanese giant?

One major highlight is the “Radiant Infusion” technology that, during the printing process, layers the newly developed fluorescent pink ink with other inks on the surface of the paper – the outcome being both soft and bright colour reproduction.

Also bundled with all of these GP series machines is “PosterArtist Lite” PC software that makes it a straightforward process to create posters showing the given retail, leisure or hospitality brand in the most flattering light.

The range of colour reproduction is expanded still further by the red, orange, green and violet inks that the GP-4000 and GP-2000 variants use, to such an extent that these models offer the broadest colour gamut found across the ImagePROGRAF series of printers.

Generous specification sheets and convenience-boosting features

As is the case with all Canon large-format printers, the four GP series devices give their users the benefit of remarkable attention to detail.

Even those choosing the compact GP-200 and GP-300 models, for instance, will have the convenience of being able to perform all operations related to printing – such as the setting and replacement of roll paper and ink tanks – from the front of the printer.

Meanwhile, the GP-2000 and GP-4000 printers incorporate such functions as a “Smart Roll Paper Set” feature for automatically performing paper supply and feeding, and a “Multifunction Roll System” for the two purposes of dual roll feed and rewinding printouts on a roll.

Would you appreciate more details, advice and guidance in relation to these new Canon large-format printers, so that you can make the most informed purchase choice for your intended applications? If so, our friendly team here at Prizma Graphics would welcome your enquiry.

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