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Posted by John Smith on November 24th, 2021

On many occasions, we want to organize a dinner with friends and we go crazy when it comes to choosing the best Hillarys restaurants lunch for groups. It is indeed very difficult to please everyone, but the more time and desire you spend looking for the ideal place, the more likely you will be successful.

At, we want to help you succeed in your lunch or dinner with friends, whether to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a company dinner, etc. You must take into account some basic aspects that will help you choose the best place to enjoy a fun evening with friends.

Do you have the difficult mission of preparing dinner with friends? Are you looking for the best vegan food Scarborough place to celebrate it? Take note.


It is always recommended to book at the restaurant as we can find a \"we have no place\", \"you have to wait 1 hour\", \"we do not have certain dishes\", and a long list of circumstances that we want to avoid by all means.

Making the reservation is a fundamental aspect since in dinners with so many people we cannot go \"to whatever arises\". These types of plans are very good for parties, but not for a group dinner that we only have a couple of times a year -in the best cases-.

Special needs:

Ask all diners their food preferences as there may be people who are vegans, vegetarians, who prefer Italian restaurants to Asian ones, or those who refuse to try anything outside of traditional Spanish cuisine. And more importantly, ask if there are people intolerant to gluten, lactose, allergic to shellfish, etc.

Group personality:

Is it a very fun group? Do you love trying new things? Are you more into karaoke or quiet places? Think about the personality of the group in general and bet on a restaurant that meets the fundamental requirements. For example, if it is a company dinner where there is not so much trust with colleagues, then do not opt for a restaurant with karaoke, instead, choose an elegant restaurant.

On the contrary, if it is a dinner with friends and you are going to celebrate a birthday, why not do something different, fun, and original that escapes the traditional?

Currently, the restaurant options are immense, so make it a little curvy because the result will be spectacular.

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