Seven Types of Papad You Must Try to Spice Up Your Meal

Posted by Indore Online on November 24th, 2021

Papad, a thin, crispy wafer that is served with every Indian dinner, is a must-have. Whether it\'s masala papad served as a chakna with your beverages, Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi, or poppadum served with rice and sambhar, the affection for papad is unending.


These disc-shaped wafers were traditionally made by women in their houses who would congregate on their terraces to slice, peel, and sundry them. With the growth of skyscrapers and the changing nature of our lives, we have resorted to purchasing papad online packets from supermarkets, frying them in hot oil, and savoring them till the very last bite. These very tempting treats unquestionably bring a special something to every meal. So, here are seven papad variations that you really must taste if you are a die-hard papad fanatic.


  1. Chana dal papad


Every Indian\'s favorite side dish, chana dal papad, needs a little introduction. It has a modest spice content yet a significant addiction potential. Combining it with sambhar-rice, rasam-rice, or dal-rice will ensure that you experience what paradise tastes like.


  1. Ragi Papad


Ragi papad is also referred to as Nachni papad or Nagli papad in certain circles. This Maharashtrian delicacy has a deep brown color and a somewhat coarser texture than most other sweets on the market. Aside from its characteristic color, texture, and flavor, the usage of ragi provides an additional health advantage to the dish. Ragi papad has a wonderful crunch to it, and you can buy this papad online very easily.


  1. Kali Mirch Papad


Many Indian eateries in the Middle East, for whatever reason, provide Kali Mirch papad as a free beginning. This is typical papad in India that is still a popular choice among the populace. With just the proper amount of spice, this black pepper papad will strike the right note on your palate and leave you wanting more. Despite this, you can\'t stop yourself from putting out your hand to grab another one. It pairs very well with North Indian cuisine.


  1. Garlic Papad


With its characteristic, strong scent, and flavor, garlic is a food that most people love or despise, depending on their mood. For those who like garlic and are aware that this condiment enhances the flavor of all savory dishes, it may be time to try garlic papad (garlic chutney).


The main component of this papad is dal, which is essentially ground. The recognizable flavor of garlic, on the other hand, takes this crispy snack to a whole new level. Several states, including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, are well-known for their consumption of garlic papad.


  1. Sabudana Papad


Sabudana or tapioca pearls flavor make the white bubbly-looking Sabudana papad, which has a bubbly white flavor appearance. In India, this papad is often served during festive events or fasts such as Navaratri. Sabudana papad is often served without any seasonings. Thus, every bite of this papad will provide you with the nutritional benefits of the sabudana fruit. It will instantly fill your belly and leave you feeling delighted.


  1. Aloo Papad


As if chips weren\'t enough in the West, India offers Aloo papad. Preparing these crispy treats using boiling and mashed potatoes, as well as a pinch of salt, is a popular tradition in locations such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. Aloo papad is a frequent item on the Holi menu as well as a vegetarian option. It\'s crispy, flavorful, and complete all at the same time.


  1. Hing Papad


Asafetida, often known as Hing, is India\'s version of MSG. This flavoring ingredient has a unique scent as well as a distinct flavor. And when you make Hing Papad using this particular hing, even the most basic dals and rice can taste unique. Hing papad is a dish that is popular across the country\'s western belt. This is one papad variation that you really must try if you are a gourmet.


To Wrap Up


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