Want to start surfing? Here are things to consider when purchasing a paddleboard

Posted by sophiebelmore on November 24th, 2021

History is wonderful. Through history’s lenses we can gauge the progress that we’ve made as humanity, we can evaluate how things were done by the generations before us and how things have evolved to how we do them now. Through history, we can stop and celebrate our big and small wins, we can glean lessons for the future from the success and failures of the past and finally, we can chart a better way forward.

Worldwide, water sports enthusiasts are ever so grateful for the tremendous strides that have been made in the world of surfing. Fans remember that not too long ago, surfers had to hurl around heavy surfboards made of wood that weighed the world. While fans are thankful for these early inventions that set the stage for surfing as we know it, they are particularly grateful for the inventions that succeeded this wooden boards to bring us to our current paddleboards.

The biggest disadvantage of the wooden surfboards was that they couldn’t be steered and surfers then simply pointed their craft shoreward and made no attempt at steering. Thanks to the inventions of seasoned surfers such as Tom Blake in the 1930s who attached plywood over crossbeams to produce a hollow board and also added a fin under the tail, which enabled surfers to better steer their craft, surfers now had a faster surfboard that they could better steer.

In the 1940s new materials such as balsa wood, fiberglass, and polyurethane further revolutionized board design and manufacture producing still more maneuverable wave-riding craft. These boards allowed surfers to adjust their position and weight on the board to allow it to travel at the same speed as the breaking wave, slow the board to allow the breaking wave and change direction on the walls of breaking waves.

Contemporary surfboards are still made from polyurethane and fiberglass. However, they are shorter, narrower, thinner and very light. Carefully shaped rails, noses, and tails, together with three fins, allow riders to move their craft freely around the wave and have transformed surfing into a gymnastic dance. You can get more information by Visiting websites like https://honu.com.au/ 

Manufacturers of water sports equipment such as Honu, are taking this gymnastic dance on the waves to new heights using their custom-made Honu paddleboards. These paddleboards have taken the company an intensive 18months to develop, using advanced materials and premium accessories. When shopping for a paddleboard, it is important for a customer to undertake a thorough research on the manufacturer to ensure that the paddleboard they purchase has undergone rigorous testing.

All over the world, manufacturers of water sports equipment take a lot of time on each of their products to ensure that they produce a true masterpiece that the owner will be proud to own and enjoy. Manufactures like Honu know that their products, Honu paddleboards, are a worthy life-time investment and they therefore have an industry-leading warranty & repair program where they assure their customers of refunds, and repairs. Such after sale services are things that every customer shopping for water sports equipment and especially paddleboards, needs to be on the lookout for.

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